Get Back To You! Overcome Anxiety, Stress, Grief or Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy. Online or in person Milton Keynes & Aylesbury.

Negative thoughts and feelings can have a profound impact on your well-being, leading to anxiety, stress, low self esteem or weight gain. At Cat Robinson Coaching & Vital Remedy, we specialise in helping individuals like you break free from these obstacles and reclaim your life. Our unique approach combines the power of hypnotherapy, or homeopathy and coaching to provide fast and lasting results.

Working online via Video Call or in person Milton Keynes & Aylesbury.

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Men's Mental & Emotional Health

Feeling anxious, stressed, lacking confidence, or struggling with heartbreak & grief following a divorce or loss of a loved one. Find out more here

Women's Wellness, Menopause, Grief, Anxiety & Confidence

Changes to your Hormones, Perimenopause and post Menopause years plus Life challenges such as Relationship break-ups or Grief, ,can cause physical and emotional symptoms.  Book a Call or click here to find out more.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss solutions including Healthy Eating Plans, Hypnotherapy, HypnoJab, Virtual Gastric Band, FATnosis, SlimMind to help you lose weight now and maintain it in the future. Click here to find out more...

Book your free 20-minute telephone clarity consultation to see how Vital Remedy may benefit you.

I’m Cat Robinson Armor LCPH, a Rapid Hypnotherapist, Qualified Homeopath, Health & Life Coach.

My passion is working with Men and Women who don’t feel in control of their emotional or physical wellbeing.

Whatever obstacle or challenge you’re experiencing right now, I can assure you that it will pass.  If you would like it to pass now rather than later, then let’s work together.

With 14 years’ experience, using a combination of effective and proven therapies I can help you Get Back to You.

Licensed Practitioner of Hypno Antidepressant & Hypno Anxiety Programmes, FATnosis Weight Management.

I’m about “Getting you Results” Let me show you the secret method to GET BACK TO YOU!

Each therapy plan is tailored to your Individual Circumstances and Needs to Get YOU your Desired outcome.  Sessions are online via Video Call across the UK & Worldwide.  Or in person near Milton Keynes.

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