Hypnotherapy to reduce Alcohol,  Wine & Craving Control 

It's 5 'o Clock somewhere! Wondering how to stop drinking wine or alcohol, need some help to control it?

Hypnosis is an effective and relaxing way to reduce the amount of wine consumption and to abstain from wine and alcohol altogether.  I use a combination of hypnotherapy for wine and alcohol and NLP Coaching to help you to abstain and drink less wine.

Hypnotherapy for wine and alcohol reduction can be used if you want to:

  • Abstain from wine and alcohol altogether

  • Abstain from wine and alcohol after work

  • Abstain from wine and alcohol during the week or the weekend

The same technique is used for CRAVING CONTROL to reduce Chocolate, Crisps or Junk Food


£125 per session - Sessions Online via Video Call or in person Milton Keynes & Aylesbury

WebLink will take you to our Sister Website for Payment (The Hormone Fairy).  Inclusive of Online MP3s and Alcohol & Craving Control online course.

How alcohol disrupts Women's Hormones in Perimenopause

  • HOT FLUSHES Alcohol raises your body temperature hence more hot flushes and night sweats.
  • ANXIETY & PALPITATIONS Alcohol raises your resting heart rate, which can increase anxiety and heart palpitations.
  • SLEEP Alcohol disrupts your melatonin production and messes with your body's circadian rhythm hence sleep issues and fatigue.
  • PROGESTERONE Moderate alcohol consumption lowers your progesterone further in perimenopause years.
  • OESTROGEN DOMINANCE Alcohol increases the amount of oestrogen circulating, plus it can convert your testosterone and androgens to more oestrogen.
  • SLUGGISH DETOX Alcohol can make it difficult to detox oestrogen from the liver, plus it can increase DHEA causing more E1 and E2 (the potent oestrogen)

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