Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Birth

It’s the International Day of the Midwife today! Huge thanks to all the midwives around the world who make pregnancy and birthing the positive experience it is for so many. To celebrate here’s a article on pregnancy and labour from the British Homeopathic Association files. Here’s Dr Jenifer Worden on how homeopathy may help: Jenifer Worden Continue reading »

The Hormone Fairy Rock Cakes (Menopause)

Here’s a sample of a great healthy treat recipe for my Menopause clients, The Hormone Fairy Rock Cakes.  You’ll find a whole range of tasty nutritious recipes on The Hormone Fairy 30 day plan. Ingredients 40z/ 100g / 1 cup soya flour 40z/ 100g / 1 cup wholemeal flour 40z/ 100g / 1 cup rolled Continue reading »

Releasing the Year, New Year Resolutions

Resolutions, I’ve read so many posts on Facebook recently saying “can’t wait to see the back of 2017”, if that’s you then you may want to give this a try Releasing the Year and setting your New Years Intentions and Resolutions. Every year just before New Year’s Eve I sit with my journal and coloured pens Continue reading »

Pregnant…. Overdue…. ?

So you’re pregnant! now you’re over due….. and who calculated the due date anyway? I’m delighted to be working with pregnancy health practitioners and Doulas in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area, sharing our knowledge with you and help you to have a happy healthy natural pregnancy and birth. So let me introduce them to you!  April and Continue reading »

Heal your unhealthy Gut

A healthy gut is the key to overall vitality.  So how do you know if you’re gut is unhealthy? Signs of an unhealthy gut Here’s just a few of the common signs showing that your gut is unhealthy. frequent belching or flatulence sugar cravings Pain in the oesophogus or reflux symptoms lower abdominal pain Bloating Continue reading »

Homeopathy for winter Coughs and colds

The last few weeks have been particularly stressful for my grown up kids, following their Dad’s sudden cardiac arrest, they spent quite alot of time at hospital visiting him and living off ready made meals and pizza whilst I wasn’t home!  So I’m not surprised that stress, poor diet and change of temperature has led Continue reading »


Breast Tenderness during Pregnancy and Postnatal Breast problems I recently gave a talk at the Postive Birth Movement group in Milton Keynes on how Homeopathy can help during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal.  Here’s some useful remedies I mentioned for Breast issues. During the first trimester many women struggle with breast tenderness and discomfort, due to hormonal changes in Continue reading »

Boost your Immune System

Colds and Flu are spread more easily during the winter season due to the cold weather, we spend less time outside and turn the heating up indoors.  Here’s some useful tips to boost your immune system over the coming months, I recommend booking your Winter MOT with me to make sure you have the right Continue reading »

Christmas Season Stress & Digestion

During the next six weeks of back-to-back holidays Season that includes Thanksgiving for some, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s, it’s easy to over indulge messing up your digestion, or become stressed out with emotional issues or grief. Financial strains on families with over-excited children with unrealistic present expectations, obligatory house-guests and unwanted in-laws, stress levels are Continue reading »

Would you spot if someone was having a heart attack?

Thankfully I’m still close to my Ex Husband (well after 7 ½ years of being separated we’ve never bothered to get divorced so I suppose he’s still my husband) we still run our businesses together and meet up for coffee or go to the pub!  So when he’s unwell he calls me, and 10 days Continue reading »