Menopause Aylesbury

Jan 11 2024


Menopause Meet-up Aylesbury – Natural Solutions for Symptom relief. Join me Cat, aka The Hormone Fairy for our first Aylesbury Menopause Meet-Up.  In a small intimate group of women, you’ll learn more about the stages of Perimenopause, your hormones and what symptoms you may experience.  Plus discover some natural solutions and simple lifestyle changes to…
slim mind weight loss

Dec 29 2023

Slim-Mind Aylesbury Women’s Weight Loss

Unlock Your Slim-Mind to Upgrade Your Life – Aylesbury LIVE Women’s Weight Loss Workshop “Embark on Your 5-Step Transformation to lasting weight loss, wellness and confidence whilst having fun” Picture this: You, confidently embracing life with a slimmer, healthier body and a revitalised mindset. Envision a future where every step leads to a lighter, more…

Dec 29 2023

Dry January Aylesbury Group Programme

Dry January, Aylesbury Group Programme using Hypnotherapy to reduce Alcohol You’re planning on doing Dry January, but you’ve failed in the past?  You’re not alone.  A study conducted by Alcohol Change UK showed that a whopping 9 million people in the UK planned to give up alcohol during January 2023 for the entire month. Whilst…
HypnoJab Weight Loss Hypnotherapy 2

Dec 16 2023


HYPNOJAB® WEIGHT LOSS AND WEIGHT MANAGEMENT – ONLINE GROUP PROGRAMME The world’s first Hypnotic Weight Loss Jab is now available Worldwide online and in person Aylesbury & Milton Keynes. And it is now being delivered as a group programme.   RECEIVE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE HYPNOJAB® AND GAIN LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE HYPNOJAB® V.I.P…
Hypnotherapy Aylesbury Therapy Centre

Dec 16 2023

Hypnotherapy Aylesbury

HYPNOTHERAPY AYLESBURY – BOOK NOW Cat Robinson Coaching, is bringing Hypnotherapy and Homeopathy to Aylesbury, working alongside other therapists at the Aylesbury Therapy Centre.   Are you ready to move forward in your life?  Living within driving distance of Aylesbury town centre?  You can book your Consultations now for  Hypnotherapy & Homeopathy in Aylesbury.  …
essential oils for winter wellnes

Dec 14 2023

Winter Wellness Essential Oils

It’s the time of year to focus on your Winter Wellness, essential oils can support your health and wellbeing. Lily & Loaf have launched a new blend “Breathe & Ease Essential Oil Blend”, this unique blend combines nature’s most powerful essences to offer you comprehensive benefits. Why Breathe & Ease? Breathe & Ease is not…
Hypno antidepressant

Dec 6 2023

Hypno Antidepressant, Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Depression

The Hypno Antidepressant may be for you if you are fed up with anxiety, feeling Low or Depressed? I’m excited to launch my new Programme the Hypno Antidepressant in January 2023.  A Programme that helps your depression in a non-depressive way!  Helping you to move on fast! I am currently training to become a Licensed…

Sep 28 2023

Virtual Weight Loss Jab Hypnotherapy in Milton Keynes

You’ve been considering a Gastric Band or the new Weight Loss Injection but you’re concerned about the side effects.  Let us introduce a Safe and Needle-Free Hypnotic Weight Loss Solution available in Milton Keynes are and nationally across the UK, the Virtual Weight Loss jab Hypnotherapy programme. We are excited to announce that Cat Robinson…

Aug 4 2023

Coming off antidepressants with hypnotherapy

Coming Off Antidepressants with Hypnotherapy, would you like a a holistic approach to your emotional or mental health? In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in alternative and complementary therapies for mental health. As more individuals seek a holistic approach to their well-being, the combination of hypnotherapy and transitioning off antidepressants has gathered…

Aug 1 2023

What is the leading cause of Depression in Women

The leading cause of depression in women may be due to a number of physical and emotional reasons.  Depression is a mental health disorder that affects individuals of all genders, but women are more likely to experience depression than men. Here are a few key points on why women may experience depression: Hormonal changes: Women…

Tips for Widowers, A Guide to Getting through the Grief

Grief is a natural and normal response to the loss of a loved one, but it can be especially difficult as a Widower.  As a man you may feel the pressure to hide your emotions and “be strong” during the difficult times, but it’s important to remember that it’s okay to feel sad and to grieve. …

Jul 10 2023

HypnoJab®️ worlds first premier hypnotic weight loss jab

On 1st September 2023 HypnoJab®, the worlds first premier hypnotic weight loss jab, will formally launch. WHAT IS HYPNOJAB? HypnoJab will help you to become more receptive to positive suggestions to control your appetite and ultimately your weight. HypnoJab is your ‘Motivational Master’ and you will be able to use it daily. Motivation is the…