Breast Tenderness during Pregnancy and Postnatal Breast problems

I recently gave a talk at the Postive Birth Movement group in Milton Keynes on how Homeopathy can help during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal.  Here’s some useful remedies I mentioned for Breast issues.

During the first trimester many women struggle with breast tenderness and discomfort, due to hormonal changes in the body.  The homeopathic remedy “Pulsatilla” can help (this is also useful for any women that suffer from breast pain during their monthly periods, so useful to keep for after the birth).  Take “Pulsatilla 30c” once or twice daily to soothe the discomfort, wearing a supportive bra throughout the pregnancy will also help to prevent damage to the supportive ligaments of the breast.

breastfeedingAfter the birth, when your milk first comes in Pulsatilla may help.  If you’re feeling weepy, especially on day 2 or 3 as the milk comes in take “Pulsatilla 30c”, you might be feeling lonely, your moods may be changeable and breasts lumpy.  Pulsatilla is also useful when your partner returns to work or your Mum leaves, it’s for feeling abandoned and lonely.  (For those of you with toddlers it’s useful to give to your child if they cry when you leave them to go out).

Another useful remedy for after the birth is “Belladonna 30c”.  The best way to remember this remedy is “Hot, Red, Throbbing”.  This is exactly how the breasts feel when the milk is gathering and heading towards inflammation, abscess or mastitis.  It can come on quite quickly too.  There may be red streaks radiating from a particular spot.   Sometimes you’ll get a fever and you might start with this remedy, but if changes to more of a fever and flu like symptoms in Mastitis I’d recommend swapping to “Bryonia”.   If neither of those remedies are working, and you’re feeling chilly but with a fever then “Calc Carb” is the remedy. (Belladonna’s the first remedy to give a baby or child with a temperature, you can give this instead of Calpol for a natural alternative.)

A classic cause for mastitis is being extra busy or having a sick child who is either feeding less than normal or more than normal.  Also check that you’re hydrated well on hot summer days as the baby may be taking more feeds to hydrate and you’ll need to keep up.  If you suspect that you’ve got mastitis then act fast, try to bathe the breast in hot water and massage to express milk if you can, and drink plenty of water, ideally filtered or spring water.  You can use the homeopathic remedies listed above or if you have “Echinacea tincture” in your cupboard then add to water 4 to 6 times daily.

The remedy “Phytolacca” is great for sore, engorged, hardened, stony breasts and if you feel pain from the nipple into the body when you’re breast feeding or have cracked nipples.

Some women have issues with not producing enough milk, the homeopathic remedies to consider are “Urtica Urens, Lactuca Virosa or Lac C”.  On the other scale if you’re producing too much milk, think of “Belladonna, Calc Carb or Bryonia”.   I’m happy to give nutrition advice for any Mums struggling out there!

Please feel free to ask any questions or give me a call if you need help.  Homeopathic consultations are available where remedies are tailored to your individual needs and symptoms.

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