Meet Me

Hypnotist Homeopath & Health Coach / Catriona Armor LCPH RHom

Hi, I’m Cat Armor founder of Vital Remedy, practising since 2009

Hypnotherapist / Hypnotist / Registered Homeopath

Health Coach / Certified Menopause Coach & Hormone Testing Expert


Location Working Online via Video Call across the UK – USA – Canada – In person near Milton Keynes area


I’m a Widow and Mum to a 22 and 24 year old.  I’ve been blessed with a great life, but like most people, I’ve had my fair share of challenges!  I’ve been through financial blips, a period of sadness and low mood, stayed in a job I hated, supported loved ones with health issues and addictions, lost loved ones, built a few conventional businesses, had plenty of hormonal issues, been addicted to medication and had my heart broken…..

BUT… I’ve come out the other side and now I get to do what I love, my passion is helping and inspiring others,  to make the changes they need to feel healthier, more grounded, excited and confident about their lives.


I’m not a “crazy health freak” I do go to the gym and try to eat healthy but I enjoy a good cup of coffee, I have the occasional “girls night” with a few cocktails and Prosecco thrown in, I still need “therapeutic” chocolate and I absolutely love cake! I believe that being healthy is all about balance and doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love!


How did Homeopathy & Hypnosis help me?

Thankfully I wasn’t a sick child, however like most kids, I was brought up with conventional medicine, taking antibiotics occasionally, vaccinations, pain killers and later the hormonal pill.


My passion for natural medicine and Homeopathy started in 1997. I was 21 and a first time Mum, my baby daughter had a bad reaction to her vaccinations and my GP and the local hospital failed to help or support us.  I was desperate for a solution to her illness, and turned to alternative medicine where I came across Homeopathy.


From that day forward, apart from a small blip and emotional rollercoaster during my early 30’s, I haven’t looked back.  I gave birth to my son completely naturally with no conventional drugs, using Homeopathic remedies and hypnosis techniques.   My daughter has not seen her GP since she was one year old.  As a family, healthy food choices, herbs, homeopathic remedies, flower essences and “time out” help us to recover quickly from acute illnesses and stressful situations.


I had experienced hypnotherapy, during that time, but to be honest it didn’t stick (the hypnotherapists used scripts and it felt more like a guided meditation).  I was fortunate to meet someone who used a direct Hypnosis technique and without knowing what my issues were, was able to bring out years of locked grief and sadness.  I felt like a new person instantly, and this is why I trained to be a Hypnotist.


My personal life experiences enable me to relate very easily to clients who may have suffered emotional trauma or be suffering from grief, depression, stress or an addiction.


As a business woman and Mum, I know the pressures of juggling work and taking care of a home and children.  It’s a situation which echoes the experience of many of the female and male clients.  My passion is working with women and men who are struggling with their life and who don’t feel in control of their health, emotional state or hormones.


What are my qualifications?

  • Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy

  • Hypnotist UK Hypnosis Academy

  • DUTCH Hormone Test Expert

  • Certified Menopause Coach & Menopause Doula

  • Homeopathic Slimming Secrets , Certificate of Completion

  • Crystals & Crystal Healing Level 2 Practitioners Course, The Crystal Healer

  • Reiki Master – Tibetan/Usui Tradition of Natural Healing Levels I , II and MASTER

  • Professional Member of the Complementary Therapists Association UK (CTHA)

  • Register of Homeopaths (RHom)

I’m always continuing to add to my knowledge, by reading research and attending training and seminars from well known practitioners within the natural medicine industry.  And I’m passionate about continuing my spiritual journey through healing and spiritual growth.

Contact me and we can have a chat to see how I can help you!  Love Cat xxx