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Hello, I’m Cat Robinson Armor, the founder of Vital Remedy.  I have been practicing as a Hypnotherapist, Homeopath, and Health-Life Coach since 2009. I’m also a Certified Menopause Coach & Hormone Testing Expert, dedicated to helping you achieve optimal well-being and empowering positive transformations in your life.

My Journey and Passion:

As a widow and a mother to two wonderful young adults, I’ve experienced life’s ups and downs, facing challenges, and overcoming them. Like many, I’ve dealt with financial struggles, moments of sadness, and even periods of low mood. I’ve been in jobs that didn’t fulfil me and supported loved ones through health issues and addictions. Along the way, I’ve experienced loss and heartbreak, but through it all, I’ve emerged stronger and more determined to help others find their path to health and happiness.

Embracing Balance

I’m not a “crazy health freak.” While I value exercise and mindful eating, I still savour a good cup of coffee and indulge in the occasional glass of bubbles. I believe that true well-being comes from finding balance and not having to give up the things you love.

My Encounter with Natural Medicine

In 1997, my journey into natural medicine and Homeopathy began when my baby daughter had a difficult reaction to vaccinations. Conventional medicine couldn’t provide the answers we needed, and that’s when I turned to alternative medicine and discovered the wonders of Homeopathy. From that moment on, my family has embraced holistic remedies, and we’ve witnessed the incredible healing power of natural therapies.

Empowering Change with Hypnosis 

During my early experiences with hypnotherapy, I realised the potential it had to bring transformative change. However, it wasn’t until I encountered a direct hypnosis technique that I experienced its profound effects. This encounter led me to become a Hypnotist and to help others unlock their emotional traumas, overcome grief, depression, stress, and addictions.

Understanding Your Journey

As a businesswoman and a mother, I comprehend the challenges of balancing work and family life. Many of my female and male clients face similar struggles, and my passion lies in assisting those who feel out of control with their health, emotions, or hormones.

Let’s Connect

If you’re ready to make some changes and take guidance on your health journey, I would be honoured to chat with you and discuss how I can support you in achieving your goals. Together, we can embark on a path of change, healing and growth. Contact me today, and let’s start your transformational journey.

Love Cat xxx

Location Working Online via Video Call across the
UK – USA – Canada – In person Milton Keynes & Aylesbury area

What are my qualifications?

Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy

Hypnotist UK Hypnosis Academy

Licensed FATnosis Practitioner

Licensed Hypno Antidepressant Practitioner

DUTCH Hormone Test Expert

Certified Menopause Coach & Menopause Doula

Homeopathic Slimming Secrets , Certificate of Completion

Crystals & Crystal Healing Level 2 Practitioners Course, The Crystal Healer

Reiki Master – Tibetan/Usui Tradition of Natural Healing Levels I , II and MASTER

Professional Member of the Complementary Therapists Association UK (CTHA)

Register of Homeopaths (RHom)


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