Homeopathy for Menopause

Every woman is different and makes the transition through the menopause in their own way.  Some breeze through with very few symptoms and others or most struggle with hot flashes, fatigue, anxiety, palpitations or other symptoms. Sadly modern medicine doesn’t allow women to listen to their bodies.  Instead of tuning in and acknowledging that their Continue reading »

Biozen and Mobile phone Electrosmog

Every day we spend more and more time using our tablets, mobile phones and smart phones. We are constantly sharing information, networking and communicating with our friends, our business partners, or just using these devices for fun.  But did you know that all these devices emit radiation, which may be harmful for the human body?  Continue reading »

Natural solutions to Migraines

It’s Migraine awareness week, the World Health Organisation ranks migraine as the 6th highest cause worldwide of years lost due to disability! In Britain alone, the cost of migraines is more than £1 billion a year, which is why prevention is always preferable.  With over 8 million people in the UK, both young and old, Continue reading »


LADIES IS THIS YOU, STRUGGLING WITH THE MENOPAUSE ? 😥 Hot Flushes 😥 Night Sweats 😥 Low Energy 😥 Weight gain 😥 Brain Fog I need 10 women who are struggling with symptoms of the Menopause, and who would like to try a natural solution without the help of HRT or medication, to trial a Continue reading »

30 Days to Happiness course

As it’s Stress Awareness Month, what better way to help your stress and anxiety levels by joining me on my  30 Days to Happiness.  Join me on an online course to find your inner Happiness, with simple daily actionable steps to get you to a place of Happiness fueling success in your career, love life, health Continue reading »

Dementia are you at risk of developing this?

It’s Dementia Awareness week and the campaign “Time for a Cuppa”. I’ve been using a non invasive machine called iHeart, a device that measures the risk of cardiovascular disease, however the machine can also examine the risk of cognitive decline including dementia and Alzheimer’s. Here’s a great article from the iheart website. If you’d like to Continue reading »

Releasing the Year, New Year Resolutions

Resolutions, I’ve read so many posts on Facebook recently saying “can’t wait to see the back of 2017”, if that’s you then you may want to give this a try Releasing the Year and setting your New Years Intentions and Resolutions. Every year just before New Year’s Eve I sit with my journal and coloured pens Continue reading »

Would you spot if someone was having a heart attack?

Thankfully I’m still close to my Ex Husband (well after 7 ½ years of being separated we’ve never bothered to get divorced so I suppose he’s still my husband) we still run our businesses together and meet up for coffee or go to the pub!  So when he’s unwell he calls me, and 10 days Continue reading »

Summer SLMsmart Protein Shake Recipes

During the summer months a cold refreshing smoothie or shake has the ability to make any stifling hot day tolerable.  Pack your smoothies with as much nutrition as possible by adding SLMsmart Protein Meal Replacement.  You’ll get all of the vitamins and minerals provided in your regular smoothie ingredients plus SLMsmart’s three protein blend. Give Continue reading »

Mums, Do you every feel stretched beyond capacity! Hormones could be to blame.

Do you ever Feel Stretched beyond Capacity?   If you’re a Mum you make feel like you’re a rubber band, life takes hold of the rubber band and pulls and stretches it in every direction until it becomes worn out with no elasticity left! Both emotionally and physically. You used to be the independent type, but Continue reading »