Coping with Christmas Parties

Today I’m attending the Women in Business Network Christmas party.  The festive season is upon us, parties and social gatherings may occupy many lunches and evenings in the lead up to the big day. 

For most of us this is a wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends, colleagues, family or to meet new people.  However some people may become extremely anxious and fearful when faced with social situations, with extreme situations resulting in blushing, sweating and stomach upsets.   Many people suffer from low self-esteem and a lack of confidence when meeting strangers. 

This is where homeopathic remedies may be helpful to relieve some of the anxiety; the following remedies may be of help.

Aconite – fear, terror and fright, you “know” the party season is going to be a disaster, use this remedy before and after the event.

Arg Nit – feel anxious but not terrified, you can’t face the situation.

Gelsemium – you experience anticipatory fears, muscles feel weak and tired and you get the shakes and tremors.

Phosphorus – best if you are nervous and sensitive, you feel better in company, loud noises can cause deep anxiety.

Rescue Remedy – most people have heard or used Bach Rescue Remedy, this is great to keep you calm and relaxed

These remedies are only suggestions; it’s advisable to consult your qualified homeopath for a more individualised homeopathic treatment.