Crystals & Reiki

Feeling stressed, anxious, fatigued and low on energy?iStock_000035215000_Small

Going through relationship issues or a breakup?

Feeling stuck, curious about learning more about your path?

Looking to improve your money or job situation?

Feeling drained after being around others?

Forgetful or losing focus?

Life can be tough sometimes! As a business woman and a single mum, I know full well the pressures of juggling work, a home, the children and the dog!  Sometimes everything just seems to come at us at once…..  Leaving us frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted and wondering where do we go next?

Can Crystal Therapy or Reiki Healing help me?

I get emails and calls all the time asking if Crystal or Reiki healing can help with this problem or another… everything from physical complaints like insomnia to emotional help with relationships, stress over work and anxiety over their bank balance.

Reiki with Catriona at Vital RemedyWe all have problems that hurt us, and are looking for solutions to fix that pain, whether it’s a medical issue or just life.  Sometimes these problems all seem to come at once, leaving us frustrated, overwhelmed and feeling lost…. I’ve been in that dark place, with a feeling of hopelessness… and that’s why I love sharing this secret method of inviting happiness into your lives.

Healing can help you feel better!  We don’t have a magic wand, and we can’t solve everything, but it all starts with feeling better.  Wouldn’t it be great to feel better, feel energised, think clearer, prioritise your life or problems, do what you can and just let go of all the crap…… Letting go is where healing begins.

You need to take time out, step back from the situation…. start feeling better and bring balance into your life and body.  Healing can bring balance and clarity, helping you in the right direction.  It may be only one part of the solution to your problems, but it’s a start.

It can help improve the quality of your life, speeding up changes and bringing choices into your life.  Helping you to feel more grounded, excited and confident about where life is taking you.  It may be just a small part of the solution to your problems, but it’s a start.

  • Increase memory and concentration
  • Improve Fertility, pregnancy and childbirth
  • Relieve headaches and calm the mind
  • Boost your self esteem and self love
  • Increase abundance and manifestation
  • Clear past trauma and emotional pain
  • Help you feel grounded and protect your energy field.
  • Improve your spiritual growth and development

Some of my clients notice…..

  • Better night’s sleep
  • Better digestive system
  • Less anxiety and depression
  • Ability to deal with stress more easily
  • Higher self esteem, ability to say NO to things which don’t serve them
  • Sense of happiness

Reiki can help with…..

  • Addictions
  • Anxiety
  • Confidence issues
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Exam stress
  • Grief
  • Mood Swings
  • Post Traumatic Shock
  • Stress

bigstock-Two-playing-girls-in-forest-pa-19420841If you’ve been struggling with your health and wellbeing and feel that now is the perfect time for you to make some changes then I would love to help you!

“I don’t just want you to feel better; I want you to stay that way”.

Let me show you the secret method for inviting health and healing into your life!  To find how to work with me then please fill in the form on the contact page, or if you can’t wait, call or send me a text now 07942 868118.