Ditch the Detox Diet in January

Every January without fail, we’re bombarded with the latest detox, weight loss or Celeb exercise craze via TV, newspapers and media, as everyone tries to find the latest solution to get rid of the excess few pounds they’ve gained following their Christmas Binge and fulfill their “New Year New Me Resolution”.  My advice ditch the detox diet in January!

I didn’t do the binge this year (I’ll ignore the box of homemade chocolate truffles and the slab of Wensleydale cranberry cheese). Even the bottle of Baileys I bought still sits unopened on the side (the girls will be shocked at that one…)  and I’m not a fan of the January diet or “quick fix detox” craze that all my friends have been hooked into….. As a Homeopath and Health coach with nutrition training I don’t believe a quick fix detox is the answer to undoing the damage done by poor eating and lifestyle choices, and from my point of view January may not be the best time to detox.

The Quick Fix Detox – Does it really work?

Loads of my friends are on “Dry January”! Yep I completely understand why people choose to abstain, the chances are you woke up with the hangover from hell on the 1st and after a few weeks of holidays and being gluttonous, the body needs a break now and again, and January seems the obvious month to do it. Plus so many people choose to do it in January, you don’t seem the only boring one hanging out at home, rocking in your chair at night when you’d normally be having your “de-stress” glass or bottle of vino.

Other friends are on the “Quick Fix diet” or “Detox”.  A few are fluctuating between eating nothing at all then stuffing their face at night, or having soup for dinner so the wine calories are voided out. Then there are the friends doing the strict detox diet, taking supplements or shakes, reducing calories and real food and who will be repeating the behavior every 3 months throughout 2017 in order to try and control their tummy or weight.  Some might say psychologically it’s similar to having an eating disorder! You over do it at Christmas or during the summer holidays and then drastically reduce your calorie and nutrition intake to “get back on track”.

Juice cleanses, shake diets and starving on the 5/2 are the socially acceptable eating disorder. All they say is “it’s fine to go mad over Christmas because you can compensate by starving yourself for a week or 10 days afterwards”.  Sadly it doesn’t work like that, it becomes a pattern of behavior, and you’ll find yourself in the same place after Easter, before and after your summer holidays and exactly the same place in January 2018.

Plus Did you know 80% of New Years Resolutions are broken by 1st February!

Education is Key

Most of these cleanses and diets don’t teach you how to eat healthily when you’re busy and stressed. They don’t teach you how to eat well when you’re out on the road, in a restaurant or visiting friends.  They don’t balance your hormones or emotions. These quick fix weight loss diets don’t offer you long-term good health so that you never need to do another cleanse during the year. Yes you’ll shift loads of water weight, maybe some muscle mass too as you’re not eating enough protein, which again isn’t great if you’re back in the gym training (plus you need protein to help the body in the detoxifying process) and you’ll possibly put the weight back on once January is over.

Yes people who do a strict cleanse feel better, as they’ve cut out sugar, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods.  All the stuff that makes you toxic, sluggish, fed up, messes up your hormones, sleep patterns and gain weight.

What happens once January is over? Most of my girlfriends will be dying to get back to the “5’o clock Wine Time” when the stress of work and family and being busy takes over. The Pizza for dinner or take away will be the quickest solution, that’s if the starving hasn’t lead to another eating disorder.

Which of these are on your unhealthy habits list?

  • Using large plates
  • Heaping up your plate
  • Feeling that you must finish all your food
  • Insufficient chewing
  • Eating late at night
  • Skipping meals, then overeating
  • Second helpings
  • Drinking alcohol daily

Why should you ditch the detox in January?

January may be the start of the New Year, but we’re still in mid winter and not the best time to start a detox, detoxing in the wrong season can push toxins deeper into the system creating imbalances in the body. Energetically January is the worst time for a detox; the body is tired and cold and needs to be warm, nurtured and rested. Many of the detox diets focus on raw foods or juices which create cold and damp within the body. With it being so mild and damp this year, the ground is sodden and flooded in places. It’s a breeding ground for coughs, colds, respiratory illnesses and sickness bugs. Doing a detox may get rid of all the good gut bacteria making you more susceptible to the bugs as your immune system is compromised!

So it’s far better to wait and ease ourselves gently into the New Year.  But before you stop all your good work, squirt cream all over your hot chocolate and reach for the biscuit tin, I’m not saying to sit around vegging out on the sofa eating badly.  Start to adopt a few healthy habits to restore and nurture yourself at this time of year, choose warming homemade vegetable soups, seasonal vegetables and proteins.  The gym will be packed with the “new year resolution gym crew” using up the equipment, so you could opt to take long walks out in the country whilst dreaming of how you can LOVE 2016, what your year will feel and look like…

Then next month, in February you will be truly ready to start putting our resolutions of healthy eating plan in place. The energy will be stronger, Spring will be on its way, bulbs will be sprouting… When we work in alignment with the natural energies and seasons everything flows better….  Plus February is the shortest month of the year!  Well this year we’ve got an added “Leap Day” but it’s still the shortest.

The best way to start 2016 is by committing yourself to setting small attainable healthy eating goals that give you the tools and resources to get you back on track and STAY on track for a healthy life.  I’ll be stricter with my eating in February, eating a minimum of 3 clean nutritious meals (proper food) and doing my own healthy organic cleanse to clean my liver and gut safely over 28 days, adding in pre and probiotics to repair along the way… no weird faddy diets, no calorie counting, no shakes etc.

If you’d like to join me in February on a healthy eating plan with daily coaching, balance your hormones, lose a little bit of weight maybe and find out more about why diets and fads don’t work, with emotional support or specific support to work alongside any physical symptoms, medical conditions or medication you’re taking… Email me info@vitalremedy.co.uk or PM me on Facebook (links below) or visit the contact page to your right!



What’s a Detox anyway and what are toxins?

Detoxing is the process of removing toxic substances from the body. Most people associate detoxing with the liver, other organs such as the kidneys, lungs, colon and skin are also involved in the process of removing the waste from our systems too.

We live in a toxic world. Toxins can be found in our water, food, pesticides, cleaning products, skin care & cosmetics, plastic drinking bottles, air pollution, work place chemicals, tobacco, alcohol, and many of our body’s system struggles to cope with the daily exposure of these toxic chemicals.  The body’s detoxification system can sometimes be overwhelmed.  If the toxins aren’t removed efficiently they often get stored in the fatty tissue within the body to prevent harm to vital organs.

Can a quick detox undo damage caused by an unhealthy diet?

A quick 7 day detox won’t reverse weeks of unhealthy living! Our body’s detoxification system is usually extremely efficient on a daily basis, even when we’re not detoxing. The best thing we can do is to change the focus on the body’s elimination systems by reducing the toxic substances in the first place.

Detox products are magic fixes

Detox Pills

Some of the detox products on the market such as detox teas, wraps, shakes and supplements are unlikely to have a significant benefit on their own. They all vary significantly in quality; some have some amazing marketing campaigns with Celebrity endorsements but little or no research behind the product.  So it’s important to find a product which has scientific research behind it, but also to address the most important part for ongoing health which is your diet and lifestyle choices.

Detox tips & truths

  • Improvements to diet can support and speed up detoxification – Reduce or cut out caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and processed foods
  • Increasing the fibre in your diet helps to bind to toxins and remove it from the body more effectively. Eat plenty of fibre rich vegetables.  When our diet lacks fibre our body can reabsorb the filtered toxins, so increasing fibre is beneficial for overall health.  Ask me for details of the Magnesium Supplement which is high in fibre and helps to start the detox process safely.
  • Water is essential – Drinking enough water will improve our digestion and help your body to flush out toxins.
  • Supplements can be beneficial – There are a few high quality supplements that have been proven to support your body in the detoxification process.  Ask if you’d like advice on high quality supplements that are clinically proven.
  • Reducing exposure to toxic substances helps our body detox.
  • Many people aren’t aware of the toxins that they expose themselves to on a day to day basis. We’re all aware that cigarettes, alcohol, processed food, takeaways and drugs or medication are all damaging to our health.  But were you aware that some cosmetics, household cleaning products, car fumes  all contribute to our toxicity.
  • Exercise regularly, as it can stimulate the body’s detoxification process

What’s the best way to detox?

detox weight loss

When clients ask me what is the best way to detox…. I tell them to reduce the amount of toxins they expose themselves to on a daily basis…. eat clean, think about what products you are putting on your skin, what chemicals you use in the house.

A process of cleansing the body once or twice per year can be beneficial when done under supervision and with support, but it should be tailored to your needs

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Wishing you everything that you wish for yourself and more …..

With love

Catt x

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