Natural tips for Fever

FEVER - THERMOMETERNo sooner is the tinsel packed away, normality returns and the children go back to school, Flu season hits!  My phone is pinging with texts from clients asking which remedies they can take to bring down their fever. So here’s a few tips for my Homeopathy clients.


Fever is your body’s natural response to an introduced pathogen (bacteria, virus) and shows that there is increased action in the body’s immune system to deal with the situation. As a general guideline a temperature of 37.5c in under 5’s or 38c or higher in older children/adults is classed as a fever.

There are distinct stages to a fever and you may find that using the indicated homeopathic remedy stops the next stage of the fever.

Fevers may be simple or they may be eruptive ie. measles, chickenpox, German measles or suppurative ie. leading to mucus production, colds, flu or related to digestive upsets (food sensitivity or teething).

Chilliness and a lowered body temperature are often the first signs of a fever. An older child may tell you this but in a younger child this is harder to spot.

You may notice paleness, shivers or perhaps cold hands and feet in a baby. Once the body has tackled the cause of the fever the energy will need to be dispersed and this brings heat to the area causing redness and hot skin. Sweat later cools the body and ‘breaks’ the fever. If we get stuck in any one of these stages then fever really becomes a problem, ie. if a high temperature persists or if your child keeps sliding back into the fever state after appearing to recover.

YOU MUST SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY if your symptoms persist for longer than the guidelines below and in spite of following self help tips & using homeopathic remedies.

SEEK ADVICE FROM YOUR HOMEOPATH OR DOCTOR for children under 2 years if fever persists for more than 1 – 2 days, in spite of following the self help tips & indicated remedies and as long as there are no signs of more serious illness (see below) in which case go to see a medical practitioner immediately. (Please note these are only guidelines for my Homeopathy clients, you must contact your Doctor or health service for advice as you are responsible for your own and your families health. Guidelines change frequently on temperatures so please check for yourself)

A 3 – 5 day fever is not unusual for a viral fever left to run it’s course with no intervention either allopathic or homeopathic.


1) In a child 3-6 months – If the fever is above 39C go straight to your Doctor/Health Pracititoner for advice

2) In a child under 4 months – seek advice for any fever. Babies can stop feeding and become rapidly dehydrated. The more floppy or weak the baby is the greater the need for medical attention. Do whatever is necessary to get a very sick baby seen.

3) If the conscious level of the patient is affected – drowsiness, confusion, lethargy and unresponsiveness.

4) If there are fits or convulsions

5) If the neck becomes stiff

6) If breathing becomes rapid or laboured

7) Often parents will just ‘know’ that a state is serious, trust your gut reaction and act accordingly


1) Open a window and keep the room cool (but not cold)

2) Use only light bedcovers – a sheet rather than a duvet

3) Sit your child in a bath and tepid sponge the whole body

4) Make sure the child takes plenty of fluids. If your baby is being breastfed, allow him to feed frequently as your body will naturally provide more hydrating milk. Remember to drink plenty of spring or filtered water yourself.

5) Offer plenty of juices (not orange juice or highly sugared drinks) and plenty of water. Cooled, boiled water can be offered to breastfed infants.

6) Solid food is not recommended for anyone in an acute fever state.


There is often a visible causative factor in a fever, such as being out in a cold wind, getting hot and sweaty while playing and then getting cold, being out on a chilly evening after a hot day, getting wet and cold, teething, etc. These factors will indicate which homeopathic remedies you chose.

Chamomile flower and homeopathic medication on blue surfaceACONITE – sudden onset after being out in a cold, dry wind or after a shock or fright. The child may go to bed fine and then wake suddenly after midnight with a fever, the patient may be anxious and fearful.

BELLADONNA – Red, hot, throbbing dry fevers. When children feel like rosy radiators, helps to break the fever and bring on relieving sweat. Often see dilated pupils and jitteryness with the fever. There may be fever with lots of heat around the head, dilated pupils, great sensitivity to noise, touch and any jarring. There may be a clear nasal discharge.

CHAMOMILLA – fever associated with teething. Extreme irritability, nothing satisfies, a hot and bothered state. Children want be carried and walked. One or both cheeks may be red. Your child may be furious with the pain and scream loudly. Worse at night.

MERCURIUS – Fever with a sore throat, smelly breath, drooling and sweatiness. Thirsty with a coated tongue.

PULSATILLA – your child may be whiny, clingy and tearful, but is much better for a cuddle than the Chamomilla child. There may be a bland, greeny-yellow nasal discharge. The fever is worse in a warm room and the child will be relieved by fresh air.

ABC 30c or 200c – a useful combination remedy for childhood fevers.

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