Have you ever considered what is causing your bladder issues?

bladderAs a Homeopath I often see clients, in particular women and children, with bladder issues such as incontinence, enuresis (bedwetting) or frequent infections of cystitis. 

While GPs focus on your symptoms and how long you’ve had them for, with homeopathic treatment, a homeopath is also interested in what might have led to you becoming sick in the first place and we treat the root cause of your physical complaint.     

The bladder is emotionally linked to fear, anguish, depression, unexpressed grief, difficulty in letting go of emotions and emotional insecurities.  The kidneys with feelings of negativity, hurt, irritation, frustration, anger, and fears that are not being released (hence the saying “pissed off”)

Shock is often a major cause of urinary system disorders, especially physical or emotional shock or grief, fear or sexual abuse.  Often the major shock remedies arnica, aconite or opium can help, or for a more emotional shock ignatia, Natrum-mur and staphysagria are useful. 

Cystitis is often treated with antibiotics, if you are looking for a natural approach, homeopathic remedies to consider include Cantharis, Nux vomica, Apis, Belladonna, Berberis, Causticum, Sarsaparilla and Staphysagria. 

Each remedy has its own symptom picture so consult a Qualified Homeopath for advice on which remedy suits your individual needs.