Homeopathy to help all things that go bump in the night this halloween

halloween pumpkinsYears ago at Halloween you were lucky to see a house decorated with a carved pumpkin, nothing like how they are today!

For those who know me, at Halloween my house is always over the top with an elaborate graveyards scene on the front lawn, frightening noises and music to make the kids a little scared of entering. And every year the neighbours houses get more and more elaborate too, I’ve even heard of someone local to me dressing up and jumping out of the bushes scaring the children, and this year next door are opening their house up into a scary dungeon!

So what do you do when your children want to go out Trick or Treating at Halloween, you assure them that it’s going to be “fun”, they put on a brave face, go to bed remembering that monsters and ghosts aren’t real… but later wake up shrieking and terrified. And the night after that, another scary dream, followed by many others night after night?

ghostshalloweenThe Halloween celebrations can be great fun for most, but some children can become deeply frightened by some of the holiday’s spookier outings. For those paralysed by fear from Halloween events, scary costumes and frightening Halloween stories, Homeopathy can be great.  The homeopathic remedy Stramonium 200 can ease the anxiety, restlessness and dread, fear of the dark and angst about monsters.

There are a few homeopathic remedies that may help if your child is fearful of ghosts or the dark, including aconite, arsenicum alb, Carbo Veg, Cuasticum, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla and Sulphur.

Here’s a selection of a few

Ars alb: As insecurity and loss of control are big issues with this remedy, the ghosts and darkness of Halloween can easily set off anxious restlessness.

Carbo veg: Helps when less active children, who are already afraid of ghosts and darkness, suffer with night terrors.

Causticum: Fear of the dark and of ghosts bring out foreboding sense of what could go wrong.

Phosphorus: Helps when lively, generally outgoing children let their vivid imaginations go into overdrive, especially if they already fear ghosts, thunderstorms, the monsters under the bed and being alone at twilight.

Pulsatilla: Eases nerves and sleeplessness in mild, affectionate, children when over-active minds and fear of ghosts set off frightful dreams that wake them over and over.

Stramonium : is the big remedy for fear following a dreadful fright, it’s also a great remedy for rage and violence such as violent role play.

As with many acute conditions, as soon as improvement is seen, the remedy should be stopped. Just give me a call if you need some advice on how to take remedies or which remedy is best for your child.

For those children who handle the scariness of Halloween with ease but have problems brought on by overindulgence in all the sweets, whether at school or at a Halloween party, remember that Nux vomica 30 is one of the best solutions.  Or take a look at my other blog, click here for other remedies.

Nux Vomica is useful for restoring calm and recovering from gastrointestinal effects. For digestive problems, including constipation and diarrhoea, and irritability and other ghastly emotions from a “sugar high” or right after a “sugar crash,” Nux vomica 30 has been known to bring quick relief, cleanse emotional turmoil and help the child fall asleep without bad dreams.  Oh and it’s great for parents after too much wine or beer…. Great Hangover remedy.

If you’d like to make up a combination of remedies for your first aid kit give me a call on 07942 868118 or complete your details on the contact form.

Wishing you all a Happy fun and calm Halloween

Catriona x

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