Can Homeopathy help me?

  • Have you ever left the GP's surgery feeling like the prescription and medication in your hand isn't the answer to your problem?
  • Have you lost control of your health and emotional wellbeing? 
  • Maybe your Employer and Mental Health First Aider has recommended seeing your GP, a Psychotherapist or Counsellor which doesn't feel the right option for you!   
  • Are you constantly tired and stressed with no energy?

You can be treated effectively with Homeopathy for a wide range of conditions and diseases, both emotional and physical.  Unlike conventional medicine, the emphasis is placed on treating you as an individual rather than your specific condition.  This means addressing the physical and emotional changes experienced during ill health that are unique to you.

Homeopathy can support your general  well-being throughout your life, over time making you less susceptible to acute illnesses such as allergies, colds, coughs and influenza.  It can also be an effective measure of first aid.

Homeopathy may help where other forms of medicine have failed or caused side effects which have caused further complications.

Your Homeopathy sessions include advice on diet and nutrition.  Sessions can be in person near Milton Keynes & Aylesbury, or online video call across the UK.

Homeopathy was developed over 200 years ago by the German Doctor and chemist Samuel Hahnemann, and it’s one of two most widely used forms of medicine used in the world today.

It’s a gentle non-invasive, holistic and comprehensive system of medicine that strengthens your health and vitality, treating mental, emotional and physical illness.

Your body has its own healing mechanisms.  Homeopathic remedies work by stimulating your body energetically, so that you can heal and achieve a better level of health.  The principle of homeopathic treatment is based on the philosophy that the body, mind and emotions are connected, they affect each other.  Homeopathy treats the whole person, not just the disease, bringing you back into harmony and balance.

It’s safe, gentle, non-addictive and won’t interfere with other medical treatments.  It’s suitable for everyone, both men and women, can be used during pregnancy and is particularly suited for babies and children.

Homeopathic Medicine

Following your consultation you’ll be prescribed a remedy, or sometimes a few different remedies to take.  These are usually in tablet, pillule or liquid form.

Homeopathic medicines or remedies are prepared by specialist homeopathic pharmacies using a careful process of dilution and succussion (a specific form of vigorous shaking).

The remedies are made from plant, chemical, mineral or animal sources. The original material is diluted, then shaken vigorously (succussed). The number of times this is repeated determines the strength or ‘potency’ of the remedy, for example, a ’6c’ remedy will have been diluted 1 part in 100 then succussed, six times.

Conventional medicine relies on your physical symptoms without addressing the underlying imbalance in your body.  Then uses drugs to stop or suppress your symptoms, often leading to further side effects.  Whereas, homeopathic remedies work on the whole picture of your symptoms and aims to get to the root cause of these, bringing you back into balance.

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Vital Remedy's approach

Your homeopathy consultation and the time it takes is quite different from what happens during a visit to your GP.  You’ll be given the opportunity to talk at length, confidentially about your health issues and any emotional worries.  This enables me time to take a detailed health, wellbeing and family history.  Homeopathy considers you as a whole so, anything you can explain that is typical of “who you are”, will help me in selecting the appropriate Vital Remedy and treatment plan.

Together we’ll start working towards your expectations, helping you heal and feel better.  We’ll also agree a treatment course or a package with follow-up appointments to suit your needs.

Vital Remedy does not diagnose medical conditions, so a visit to the GP for diagnosis may be recommended.  Patients are advised to inform their GP that they are using Homeopathy.

Booking your initial Consultation

If you’ve been struggling with your health and wellbeing and feel that now is the perfect time for you to make some changes then I would love to help you!  Text 07942 868118 or complete the Contact Form Contact

Your Initial Consultation

Initial consultations last for 1 hour, either face to face if you are able to get to one of the clinic locations, or video call.

After your consultation you’ll receive your homeopathic remedies or essences with instructions on how to take them via post for UK based clients. You may also receive some clear, practical advice, nutrition information and tips to help you develop an alternative perspective on your health and healing.

Initial consultations last for one hour, with follow-up consultations taking from 30 to 45 minutes unless a specific request is made for one hour, for which there will be an additional charge.

Watch this short animation video to find out what typically happens during a Homeopathic consultation or SCROLL down the page 

Follow-up appointments

Follow up appointments are an essential part of your homeopathic treatment and healing process.  This enables me to evaluate how the remedies have reacted and adjust the prescriptions accordingly if necessary.

New clients are booked in initially for 3 appointments.  You may feel better after the initial remedies, but I want you to stay that way.

These appointments typically last 30-45 minutes, unless you specifically ask for 1 hour where an additional charge will be made.  Most consultations are 4-6 weeks apart, but they can be more frequent.  For conditions which will take time to respond to treatment, appointments will be less often, for example every three months or a routine check-up throughout the year may be recommended.

How many appointments will I need?

This depends on your individual needs, the nature of your illness, how long you’ve had the condition, your emotional needs and your response to the remedies.    I only take on clients who are committed to their health, and a minimum of 3 appointments , as very few conditions can be treated in just a single session.  You may feel better after the initial remedies, but a full treatment programme is recommended to stabilise and strengthen your system.

"I don’t just want you to feel better; I want you to stay that way".

Let me show you the secret method for inviting health and healing into your life!

Please fill in the form on the contact page, or if you can’t wait call or send me a text now 07942 868118.  You are welcome to a free ten minute clarity consultation with me, so that I can answer any initial questions you may have and make an initial assessment on how Vital Remedy can help you.

In Between Appointments

Should you need Homeopathic advice in between appointments, you can call, text or email for advice. If you are suffering from new symptoms, we’ll discuss if these can wait until your follow up appointment or where necessary an acute prescription will be sent out to you for a fee.

If you are unable to get in contact and need urgent homeopathic advice, or have a Homeopathic First-Aid Kit, you can contact the Homeopathic Helpline on 09065343404. This service is run by qualified homeopaths and is open 7 days a week from 9am until 12 midnight. This is a premium rate number for professional advice, calls are charged at £1.53 per minute, the call duration is usually 10 minutes.

At times, illness is serious and beyond home treatment. It is then absolutely necessary to consult your GP, NHS Direct or the emergency service. Please do not hesitate if you think this is life critical.

Booking your initial Consultation

If you’ve been struggling with your health and wellbeing and feel that now is the perfect time for you to make some changes then I would love to help you!  Text 07942 868118 or complete the Contact Form Contact