My Homeopathy Journey

My passion for natural medicine and Homeopathy started in 1997. I was 21 and a first time Mum, my baby daughter had a bad reaction to her vaccinations and my GP and the local hospital failed to help or support us.  I was desperate for a solution to her illness, and turned to alternative medicine where I came across Homeopathy.  I had used Arnica as a homeopathic remedy for bumps and bruises but other than that knew nothing.

From that day forward, apart from a small blip and emotional rollercoaster during my early 30’s, I haven’t looked back.  I gave birth to my son completely naturally with no conventional drugs, using Homeopathic remedies and hypnosis techniques.   My daughter has not seen her GP since she was one year old.  As a family, healthy food choices, herbs, homeopathic remedies, flower essences and “time out” help us to recover quickly from acute illnesses and stressful situations.

How did I become a Homeopath and Health Coach?

It began after the death of my Dad.  I’d spent three weeks in the hospital helping to care for him and improve the quality of the last few weeks of his life.  My Uncle died during those 3 weeks, and after my Dad died, I just felt that I needed a change of direction!

Maybe it was an early mid-life crisis, grief or the realisation that “life is too short”.  I was running a successful business, had a lovely home, a husband and 2 happy children, but I felt a bit “lost”… I was struggling with my own health after closing my business and a bad car crash the previous year.  I had become addicted to very strong prescription painkillers and was on an emotional rollercoaster.  I woke up one day and made the decision that now was the time to pursue my interest in Homeopathy, health and wellbeing.

Where did I train?

I trained with the College of Practical Homeopathy in London for four years.  Those 4 years were mentally, emotionally and physically challenging.  Taking various  homeopathic remedies myself helped me withdraw from the prescription painkillers and remove toxicity from the various hormonal contraceptive medication I had taken over the years.  My skin and digestive system improved.  Emotionally I became calmer and back in control of my life, plus the simple act of saying “No” to things I didn’t want to do or have became easier.

My training was intense including not only Homeopathy but also a good grounding in anatomy, physiology and pathology, herbal tinctures, nutrition, nauropathy, flower essences and lifestyle advice.  It’s this knowledge which enables me to get to the root cause of my clients’ problems.  I tailor the treatment plans according to each individual’s needs.

My passion

My personal life experiences enable me to relate very easily to clients who may have suffered emotional trauma or be suffering from grief, depression, stress or an addiction.

As a business woman and a single mum, I know the pressures of juggling work and taking care of a home and children.  It’s a situation which echoes the experience of many of the female clients who consult me about their and their children’s wellbeing.  My passion is working with women who are struggling with their life and who don’t feel in control of their health or hormones.