Hypno Antidepressant for Men and Women. Are you fed up of with feeling Low, Anxious or Depressed?  Do you want an alternative to antidepressant medication?

Hypno antidepressantThis Programme helps your depression in a non-depressive way!  Helping you to move on fast!

Cat Robinson is a Licensed Hypno AntiDepressant Therapist.

The Hypno Antidepressant programme was created and pioneered by Dr Sue Peacock and Steve Miller, the Hypno AntiDepressant is fast becoming renowned as one of the most creative Mindset and Motivation solutions, to help people manage and move on from depression.

If you are suffering from low moods, anxiety, mild to moderate depression, and are looking for a tailored solution to help you move forward, then contact me by phone or email me at for more information.  We can jump on a 20 minute call to meet each other and check that this programme is right for you!

What is the Hypno Antidepressant?

A tailored Hypnotherapy and Motivational Coaching Programme designed to help you:

♦ Debug your depression by implementing a number of agreed interventions.

♦ Build supreme self esteem to help ensure you dissociate self doubt and integrate confidence.

♦ Use a number of tried and tested ‘Mood Magic’ techniques to help enable you to move forward

This is an innovative, totally unique programme tailored to YOU as an individual.  You are unique and this is not a one size fits all but bespoke to YOU.

The programme is suitable for those suffering from “mild to moderate” depression and this will be assessed by working together on the initial consultation.

The programme has been developed by Dr Sue Peacock and Steve Miller. It is designed to help manage depression and most importantly to move forward in a non-depressing way!


Ready to move forward with your life, away from low days and depression then give me a call or email me, so together we can develop a programme specifically bespoke and tailored to YOU!  

The Hypno Antidepressant is delivered Worldwide via Video Consultations or in person Milton Keynes & Aylesbury.