Is your Gut making you FAT? Free talk in Milton Keynes

Is the health of your intestine making you fat?

A balanced and properly fed microbiome is key to achieving better health and may be the key to weightloss. A complex network of bacteria, fungi, and microflora that reside primarily in the gut, the microbiome can impact the health of virtually every system in the human body. By promoting the healthy balance of the microbiome, you can improve health at the foundation level and lose weight naturally.

Many of 21st Century health problems, including weight gain, can be linked to the health of the gut flora.

Fix the intestine and you often fix the problem, solving your weightloss dilemna.

Come along to this FREE seminar on April 19th in Milton Keynes to find out just how you can take the action required to reset the health of your intestine and kick start your weightloss utilising Synergy’s unique Purify Programme.

You will learn:

  • All you need to know about the mircobiome and how it can affect your attempts at weight loss
  • How to effectively reset and rebalance this complex network of flora, fungi and microbes that make up 90% of the human body
  • How to achieve elite health once the mircobiome has been reset

Date and Time

Wed 19 April 2017

19:30 – 21:00 BST

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Meeting Room Great Linford Parish Council,

Great Linford House, 1 St Leger Court, Great Linford, Milton Keynes, MK14 5HA

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We look forward to welcoming you to this evening seminar on resetting the microbiome.

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This event is hosted by myself Catt Robinson LCPH RHom (formerly Catriona Armor), a Homeopath & Health Coach specialising in Hormones, Depression and Nutritional Supplementation, alongside my Colleagues:

Christine Walker Health & Wellbeing Coach at and

Sarah Bohn, International Entrepreneur & owner of the Swimstore

If you’re struggling with your health and would like help please come along to this FREE talk or get in touch with me.

Love Catt x

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I’m Catriona Armor founder of Vital Remedy & The Hormone Fairy Programme, a registered Homeopath & Health Coach, Reiki and Crystal Practitioner, practicing in the Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford and Aylesbury area, and across the UK via Skype.

My passion is helping and inspiring others, in particular women, to make the changes they need to feel healthier, more grounded, excited and confident about their lives. I specialise in Hormonal health, Pregnancy, Menopause, Anxiety & Depression.

If you’ve been struggling with your health and wellbeing and feel that now is the perfect time for you to make some changes then I would love to help you!