😥 Hot Flushes
😥 Night Sweats
😥 Low Energy
😥 Weight gain
😥 Brain Fog

I need 10 women who are struggling with symptoms of the Menopause, and who would like to try a natural solution without the help of HRT or medication, to trial a 1 month Hormone Balancing Programme.  You’ll receive a box full of everything you need to “Master the Menopause”.

Over the course of the first month you’ll receive information to help you understand your hormones, mood swings, stress and menopause symptoms, plus learn how to balance them with simple lifestyle choices alongside a balanced diet. You’ll finish the month achieving optimum nutritional health, your diet will be clean, your liver will be healthy, and your endocrine system nourished. You’ll be on the right track to getting your hormones balanced and your menopause symptoms reduced.

What do you get?

You’ll receive a Welcome Pack with
Goal Setting
Food Diary
Progress Records
Meal Planners
Recipe Ideas

Access to a Private Facebook Group where you can
Interact with others
Share your top tips
Share your feelings
Feel completely supported
Gain Expert Advice on all areas around Menopause

Daily Education & tips

via email or our members hub, helping you understand your Menopausal symptoms

Nutritional Food Booster Supplements & 10 Day Cleanse Supplements
You’ll receive a range of Food boosters to take alongside a healthy balanced diet, many will last you 45 days!
You start with a powerful 10 day cleanse with herbal products, cleansing your liver, digestive system, calming your kidneys and adrenals and supporting your circulatory system. The building blocks to a symptom free menopause.
You’ll also receive an organic antioxidant drink to support your immune system and neutralize free-radicals within your body.
Nutritional supplements to help calm your nervous system, supporting emotional imbalance and anxiety.
High Strength Probiotics to replenish the gut with essential gut flora balancing your microbiome, the key to ongoing health, weight loss and a healthy mind.
All products are 100% certified organic
Pharmaceutical grade quality
Manufactured by company on the label, no 3rd party “white label” products


In Month 1, you’ll repair your system, and you’ll receive all the tools to continue a healthy lifestyle and reduce your menopause symptoms on going, giving you the choice to have a natural 

How much does it cost?

The cost for the Trial is reduced to £167, in exchange for your feedback of the programme.

You’ll need to be committed to making the necessary changes over the course of the month!

We start in May.

To reserve your space, click here to pay via Paypal

What next?

Once payment has been received you’ll receive your welcome pack and everything you need to get started on your journey with The Hormone Fairy.

After the 1 month trial, for those of you wishing to completely banish your symptoms, at the end of Month 1 there will be an option to continue on a 6 or 12 month subscription programme (affordable monthly cost) – going into more depth and looking at specific issues such as Sleep, Mindset and Mindfulness, plus Exercise!


Clients who have done the this programme in the past over a 16 week period have finished feeling energized, full of vitality and loving life again. At the conclusion of the full 12 month programme many clients experienced
😀 Very few or no hot flushes
😀 Night sweats a thing of the past and sleep is better
😀 More vitality and energy
😀 All over weight loss but especially around the mid-section
😀 More predictable moods and no emotional instability
😀 “Brain fog” is gone
😀 No need to resort to HRT, which only acts to postpone the effects of menopause until the patients stops taking it

What are you waiting for.  Join The Hormone Fairy programme now. 

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Do you need more info?

I’m happy to answer your questions and support you on your journey back to health and vitality.

Give me a call on 07942 868118 or contact me via the Contact Page!

Cat x

Catriona Robinson Armor LCPH RHom
Homeopath, Health Coach, Life Coach, Reiki & Crystal Healer