Menopause! Hot Flushes. Win Promensil’s new cooling spray

Menopause! Hot Flushes! Win Promensil’s new cooling spray.

Spritz away your hot flushes and night sweats with Promensil’s new Cooling Spray, for women during the early stages and throughout menopause.


It’s Competition time, “Promensil” have kindly given us a Promensil Cooling spray and Menopause Red Clover tablets to give away to one lucky follower!

So for your chance to win, email me your name by filling out the contact form on the right hand side of this page, or simply like and share The Hormone fairy Facebook page.  Competition entries close on 30th May 2016.

So what’s Promensil?

Promensil, leading experts in self-management of Menopause support, has launched a new Menopause Cooling Spray, formulated to instantly reduce hot flushes and night sweats. This 75ml spray is a handbag essential for those needing instant relief and hydration from the discomfort of common menopausal symptoms. This gentle, clinically approved cooling spray draws heat away from the skin, quickly and effectively reducing skin temperature and redness.

The spray is safe and easy to use, offering instant relief from the discomfort of a hot flush or night sweat using rapid evaporation technology. During a hot flush or night sweat lightly spray the chest and neck area and allow spray to evaporate and cool. For best results leave skin uncovered and re-apply as needed.

It is recommended to use alongside the Promensil Red Clover Isoflavones supplement range and can also be used with or without HRT and any other natural therapy. For full details on the Promensil range visit

It is an essential for the bedside table, office desk draw and hand-bag, especially as the warmer spring and summer months are upon us!


Promensil are renowned for their natural range of Red Clover supplements which are backed by over 15 years of scientific research. Promensil dietary supplements have been specifically developed to help women during and after menopause to manage symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats and mild anxiety. The new Promensil Cooling Spray is also clinically approved and a Class 1 medical device, providing instant relief for hot flushes, night sweats and redness.

 Senior Brand Manager Gaby O’Leary comments; “With the launch of our Cooling Spray, Promensil now offers instant relief for hot flushes and night sweats (two of the most common symptoms associated with the menopause). It is a perfect addition to our Promensil Red Clover supplement range, the naturally occurring Red Clover Isoflavones work from with-in for long-term management, and the Cooling Spray works instantly for short-term relief. ‘Hot-Moments’ can be a thing of the past thanks to Promensil, you can stay cool, calm and comfortable day and night, and importantly, carry-on with your daily lives.”

Promensil Red Clover supplements contain high quality, patented Red Clover, one of the richest natural source of isoflavones (plant oestrogens) to help you stay comfortable during and after the menopause. Trusted by women worldwide and recommended by healthcare professionals, Promensil Red Clover Supplements are the only menopause supplement range backed by over 15 years of scientific research with proven effectiveness and safety on helping menopausal women.

Our hero product in the supplement range is Promensil Double Strength (80mg)

  • A study carried out on the double strength formula has shown to reduce hot flushes and night sweats by 75%.[1]
  • The same study also demonstrated that supplementing with Promensil Double Strength can reduce anxiety and depression by improving menopause symptoms.
  • The active red clover ingredient can also help to slow bone loss2 and maintain cardiovascular health benefits.

thehormonefairy2For your chance to win, simply fill out the contact form on the right of this page, or like and share the facebook page. The competition will be drawn on 30th May 2016.

Love Catriona x

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