Menopause Workshop

Women Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Join me and my colleagues Helen and Wendy on a Menopause workshop designed to educate and explore a holistic and healthy approach in a bid to not only sail through the menopause but also empower you as a woman; so many woman aged 35 upwards can benefit. During the day we will explore how homeopathy, nutrition, E.F.T., massage, meditation and aromatherapy can help including group discussions, healthy snacks and meditations.


By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • Understood the menopause process (it is NOT a disease)
  • Debunked some of the myths
  • Tried a couple of different meditation techniques in meditation sessions including understanding the science behind those meditations
  • Have tools you can apply to reduce symptom’s
  • Taken part in sessions to explore how homeopathy, nutrition, E.F.T., massage, meditation and aromatherapy can help
  • More information on lifestyle choices/ changes
  • Learnt how to balance your moods and emotions
  • More understanding on how Stress and nutrition plays havoc with hormones
  • Tips on protecting your Bone health
  • Take home Course Notes, product samples and free gifts

DATE: Sunday 3rd July 2016

TIME: 9.30am to 4.30pm

LOCATION: Wendy-Alchemy Haven, Stony Stratford near Milton Keynes

COST : £95 per person

(Places are limited to 10 women)

Here’s a little more about my colleagues Helen and Wendy who are running the course alongside me:

Helen (Balance Therapies) is a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist, massage therapist & reiki practioner with over a decades’ experience. Not only is Helen a member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists but she also set up and runs an IFPA regional group for Bucks, Beds & Northants. Helen works in North Milton Keynes. Helen feels passionately about using organic skincare and reducing synthetic chemical overload.  Website:

Wendy (Wendy-Alchemy) is qualified Meditation Teacher with the British School of Meditation, a Massage Therapist and an Advanced E.F.T. Practitioner (also known as Tapping). In September 2015 Wendy opened the Wendy-Alchemy Haven in Stony Stratford; a Holistic Centre, as she is passionate about taking a holistic approach to health. Wendy is the joint Milton Keynes Local Support Coordinator for the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Website:

thehormonefairy2For those who don’t know me, I’m Cat (Vital Remedy & The Hormone Fairy) a Registered Homeopath & Health Coach and a Reiki & Crystal Practitioner. I specialises in women’s health, hormones & depression.  As I headed towards the big 4-Zero I started to notice changes with my period and emotions, not helped by some bad lifestyle choices and a destructive relationship! This led to me educating myself further in the menopause, taking various courses & qualifications, so that I could not only help myself but help friends and clients to learn how to get through the perimenopause using nutrition, homeopathy and simple life changes.  Plus creating courses to educate women on how to balance their hormones naturally (You can find loads more tips on my Facebook Pages the links are below)

How to Book your Place  

Places are limited to just 10 women, give me a call on 07942 868118 or email  or alternatively call Wendy at Wendy Alchemy 07887 984033

For more advice or to book an appointment to find out how Homeopathy & Nutrition can help you balance your hormones, give me a call on 07942 868118 or fill in the contact form.

Love Catriona x

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05 Ravinder Crone Photographer-HeadShots-Vital Remedy-PrintI’m Catriona Armor founder of Vital Remedy & The Hormone Fairy Programme, a registered Homeopath & Health Coach, Reiki and Crystal Practitioner, practicing in the Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford and Aylesbury area, and across the UK via Skype.

My passion is helping and inspiring others, in particular women, to make the changes they need to feel healthier, more grounded, excited and confident about their lives. I specialise in Hormonal health, Pregnancy, Menopause, Anxiety & Depression.

If you’ve been struggling with your health and wellbeing and feel that now is the perfect time for you to make some changes then I would love to help you!

Let me show you the secret method for inviting health and healing into your life!  To find how to work with me then please fill out the contact page on my website or send me a text now 07942 868118.