Microbiome Purify Pure21 Detox

Take a look at your Microbiome.. with the 21 day Microbiome Purify Pure21 detox…. allergies, depression, eczema, hormone issues, menopause and weight issues

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Microbiome?  What’s that?

This year the biggest buzzword around my clients and friends has been diet, maybe it’s as most of my friends have hit the big 4zero or clients are heading towards the menopause, hormones are playing havoc, people are unhappy or depressed, constantly fatigued and struggling to keep their weight under control.  I’m about to change all that for you, with the introduction of feeding your Microbiome!

I’ve had friends try the 5/2 diet, the Paleo diet, the Jason Vale juice diet, the Clean9 diet, Weightwatchers, SlimmersWorld, programmes from their Personal Trainer, you name it I’ve had a friend or client try it.  And for clients suffering with an illness, sadly very few have been provided with eating programmes or advice by their GP or Consultant.

I’m not a fan of the word “diet”, for me the best way has always been to cut out the CRAP, cut out the wine at weekends, the bread, the Costa Coffee and Cakes…. Eating clean nutritious food, meat, fish, vegetables and drinking plenty of water together with supplements to enhance my goals.  It always fixes my hormones, clears my mind and means I can wear the clothes I like!

Most diets, eating plans, health plans and conventional Medication plans from GPs miss out one crucial factor… feeding your Microbiome!

What’s your Microbiome?

Within every body there is something incredible going on that you may not realise. Your body is happily hosting 100 trillion microorganisms. Yep, in other words your body is like a bustling city home to a thriving communities of microscopic living hard-working microbes that live in your gut and elsewhere throughout your body. (Doesn’t sound appealing does it). The fact is, only 10% of your body contains your DNA the other 90% of you is your Microbiome bacteria, gut flora, fungi, micro flora – your own eco system featuring over 10000 identified species. Each of us is literally more bacteria than human!

When your Microbiome is balanced, your body is healthy with good digestion, your hormones are balanced, your mind is clear with balanced moods, your skin glows and you have good overall health.

man stressedWhen you’re microbiome is out of balance you can suffer with:

  • hormones imbalances
  • brain fog, depression or anxiety
  • problem skin with spots, eczema and psoriasis
  • sleep issues
  • Long term down the road the risk of obesity, diabetes and cancer.

Your microbiome can change daily, with stress, the environment, sleep etc. but the most important factor that affects your microbiome is what you eat, this is what decides if your microbiome lives happily in your gut or dies off.

How do we keep our Microbiome happy?

As we know, not all food is good for us, hence the reason for cutting out the crap! Our Western diet is generally high in sugar, flour, unhealthy fats, additives, preservatives. We live in a fast food society due to busy stressful lifestyles – parents who both work, daily after school activities for children etc. constantly rushing around has lead to less time for cooking…. All the CRAP we may eat feed the wrong type of bacteria. This could be why we’re seeing so many allergies in children, adults with food intolerances, depression and obesity.

microbiome - your body mostly isOnce you’ve cleansed the gut and fed the microbiome, with the right nutrition and supplements they can enjoy most foods using the 80/20 rule (80% fresh clean produce). Fueling your body with fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains can help keep our microbiome happy! Add in probiotic capsules or microbiome powders containing live bacteria can also help to supplement a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to diet and your microbiome – every body is individual! One diet or eating plan will work for one person; the key component is keeping your microbiome happy.



The Microbiome programme for 2020 is a great way to kick start your health in the New Year with a New You, building foundations from the inside out!

The programme can be done over 7 or 21 Days to balance your microbiome. Over all health Benefits will include:

  • Improved weight management – clients keeping the weight off after the programme
  • Weight & Inch Loss – Clients have lost between 3.5lb and 12lb but more importantly inches and flatter stomachs
  • Emotions – Clients are happier, moods have shifted during the 21 days.
  • Trasformation – Clients who were emotionally stuck, have found the energy and desire to complete their challenges!
  • Memory – Brain fog is disappearing for many female clients
  • Sleep – many women sleeping deeply for the first time
  • Energy – High energy levels throughout the day
  • Appetite – No cravings, some find they struggle to get through all the food
  • Greater immunity overall



Purify, Fortify and Protect your microbiome with this 7-21 day programme, unlock your potential and achieve your elite health.

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You’ll get a consultation prior to the Pure21 program, daily support, a complete guide to eating and recipes, and a follow up appointment – all for £275 plus p&p

If you’re not sleeping, have skin issues, hormonal imbalance or suffering with anxiety or depression and would like help, get in touch.

Love Cat x

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05 Ravinder Crone Photographer-HeadShots-Vital Remedy-PrintI’m Catriona Armor founder of Vital Remedy & The Hormone Fairy Programme, a registered Homeopath & Health Coach, Reiki and Crystal Practitioner, practicing in the Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford and Aylesbury area, and across the UK via Skype.

My passion is helping and inspiring others, in particular women, to make the changes they need to feel healthier, more grounded, excited and confident about their lives. I specialise in Hormonal health, Pregnancy, Menopause, Anxiety & Depression.

If you’ve been struggling with your health and wellbeing and feel that now is the perfect time for you to make some changes then I would love to help you!