Mums, Do you every feel stretched beyond capacity! Hormones could be to blame.

Do you ever Feel Stretched beyond Capacity?


If you’re a Mum you make feel like you’re a rubber band, life takes hold of the rubber band and pulls and stretches it in every direction until it becomes worn out with no elasticity left! Both emotionally and physically. You used to be the independent type, but now you want to be a good wife and Mum, struggling to manage the career and family. Everyone wants a piece of you and you put them first sometimes leading to mood swings, resentment, and downright irritability! You’re too knackered to do the housework and sex feels like yet another chore.

Does this sound familiar? Often the solution is to opt for medication containing synthetic hormones to balance the hormones, some of which find have side effects such as weight gain and suppressed periods. Or you could choose a natural alternative to help alleviate the symptoms. The Homeopathic remedy Sepia might be useful if this sounds like you. It’s a great remedy for anyone who feels pulled in all directions, they haven’t been right since childbirth, or on the opposite scale it’s great for menopausal women feeling similar, feeling the body sagging and emotionally stretched beyond capacity!

Or maybe you’re fairly chilled, very compliant, calm and good natured. But you tend to have frequent mood swings that come out of nowhere, with no warning whatsoever and then vanish just as quickly as they’ve come on! You crave sympathy and attention when the situation warrants it, you cry easily for no reason and need company. Then the homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla may work for you, it addresses the whole range of hormonal issues from PMS to Hot Flushes, great from puberty throughout womanhood.

As women we’re well aware of the emotional signs linked to hormonal imbalance, often physical health problems are linked too. And it’s not just the common symptoms like headaches, cramps and sleepless nights; joint pain and stomach issues such as IBS can be due to hormonal imbalance. For those looking for natural solutions then homeopathic remedies might be the right solution for you, lifestyle choices such as nutrition, healthy eating and the right type of exercise can help alongside.

Your monthly cycle shouldn’t be a chore! You shouldn’t be feeling low or getting angry at anyone who comes within a few metres of you. And if a good night’s sleep is a long distant memory then maybe I can help.

This article was featured in Bletchley Buzz Spring Edition Magazine.

Love Catt x

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