Natural solutions to Migraines

It’s Migraine awareness week, the World Health Organisation ranks migraine as the 6th highest cause worldwide of years lost due to disability!

In Britain alone, the cost of migraines is more than £1 billion a year, which is why prevention is always preferable.  With over 8 million people in the UK, both young and old, living with migraines you might want to look at some alternatives to over the counter medication or drugs from your doctor.  1 in every 10 people in the UK suffer regularly with migraines, with twice as many women as men affected.  Sufferers on average experience around 13 attacks per year, and over 10% of school children suffer migraines in both sexes up to the age of 12 years old. 

With migraines there may be an aura of visual lights, blurred vision, or tingling sensations in a classic migraine.  In a common migraine these can be absent.  Cluster headaches are migraine like attacks that occur in intense clusters with a sense of heavy congestion and throbbing.   As a Homeopath the type of headache is not the crucial factor in prescribing the right remedy, as matching the symptoms of the headache to a remedy can provide great results.  With Homeopathy we look to treat the cause of the migraine or headache whether physical or emotional.  Causes of headaches can be from eyestrain, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, digestive health or intestinal disturbances, emotional stress and altered serotonin levels.  The majority of migraines also involves food allergies, especially wheat and cow’s milk, and chemical sensitivities. 

Conventional treatment from a pharmacist or GP is often pain killers or symptomatic treatment, homeopathy offers a safe alternative for acute headaches and to get to the root cause of the recurrent migraines or headaches.

Top Tips

Useful Homeopathic remedies for an acute headache include Belladonna, Bryonia, Gelsemium, Nux Vomica and Sanguinaria. For chronic headaches and migraines you may want to look at Argentum nitricum, Cocculus, Lachesis, Nat Mur, Sepia and Silicea.  Contact me for an acute appointment to find out which remedy is best suited to your symptoms.

It’s also worth keeping a food diary, and noticing if any foods trigger a headache or migraine.  Commonly known foods to trigger an attack include cheese, animal based dairy produce, red wine, peanuts, chocolate, corn, coffee, wheat and citrus fruits.  Allergies and food intolerances are a common cause of migraines.

You may want to avoid refined sugars found in cakes, biscuits, pastries, snacks and fizzy drinks.

Avoid food additives and colourings

Reduce red meat, full fat dairy and eggs

Take a good quality Probiotic supplement to help balance the gut bacteria, you can get ………… from me at just

Eat more fresh pineapple or papaya which aid digestion.

Do a 10 day cleanse to clear and balance your gut, reducing inflammation.  We can work together on a safe and affective cleanse as part of your healing journey.

Drink 6-8 Glasses of water a day, dehydration can trigger migraines.

Oily fish or omega supplements naturally thin the blood and reduce the severity of migraines.

The mineral magnesium is often at low levels in migraine sufferers, magnesium helps to relax the blood vessels so that oxygen and nutrients can get to the brain.  So I highly recommend a good quality magnesium supplement in my programs.

Vitamin B, all of the B vitamins are vital for preventing headaches, particularly folic acid, B2 and B6 so take a high strength B complex daily.

Alternate warm and cold packs use for 10 minutes each on the back of your neck to help increase the blood flow to the head.

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