Sleep issues?
Fatigue? Lacking energy?
Digestion issues?
Hormone imbalance?
Muscle and Bone pain?
Anxiety or depression?
Confused over which supplements to take?
Been sold supplements by a Home Based business owner who's only after your money?


Discover your personal Lifestyle Profile.

You’re an amazingly complex being, and each part of your body is intrinsically linked with the rest. When one body system is underperforming, those immediately linked to it are also affected, and this has a knock-on effect on your overall analysis 1

A Lifestyle Analysis with Catriona is a quick and easy way to discover which of your body systems may be weak and in need of nutritional support. Developed by a team of health specialists, this analysis enables you to pick up on potential system weaknesses, giving you the opportunity to restore balance to each system.

Did you know if you’re taking medication such as HRT, The Birth Control Pill, Antidepressants, Statins, Blood pressure medication, anti-acid medication, that you should be supplementing your diet with certain food groups or nutritional supplements?  Medication robs your body of vital nutrients which need replacing.  So if you’re on Medication then this Healthy Lifestyle Analysis will benefit you.

If you’re new to the idea of taking supplements, book a telephone consultation for your Lifestyle Analysis, which will help you decide which products are right for you.  All supplements and nutritional boosters are of the highest quality available.  Each one is expertly formulated and subjected to rigorous quality control checks before being released for sale.

ONLY £49

Includes 1/2 hour telephone or Face to Face Consultation * Full Lifestyle Analysis * Report * Follow up call after 30 days for those who purchase supplementation programme.

Additional Cost – Supplements and Nutritional Boosters (90 Day Money Back Guarantee on Supplements and Nutritional Boosters)


To Book your Health Consultation give me a call for a chat on 07942 868118 to find out how I can help you or send an email via the contact form to schedule an appointment.