Pure 21 Detox Testimonials

Pure 21 Detox Testimonials – Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our clients have to say …..

Vikki E – I just wanted to give an update to my progress on/since using the Pure 21 Detox Purify Microbiome kit as it has had very significant effects on me (well to me anyway).  During the 21 days I lost 4lb and 10cm.  I felt significant changes in my gut. I experienced a far greater level of clarity and pretty much got rid of the brain fog that I had been experiencing for about 3 years.  I have abundant energy; I literally have to tell myself to go to bed at midnight but sleep like a log when I get there. I pretty much wake up by myself at 6.50 and am out of bed by 7am (this is a miracle for me as it’s dark and cold, my 2 least favourite things).  Whilst doing the 21 days I read The Miracle Morning and 14 days ago I also started the 30 day challenge with them so now I have everything for that done by 8.30am and am at my desk by 9am (I used to roll out of bed at that time). My work is literally powering ahead and I am getting so much done.  I’ve also lost another 9.5cm but no weight in the last 2 weeks.

Sue – Ok, if there was one thing I could change about my body it would be my mid section, it’s been stubborn for years, and I had not realised quite how bad it had got until these pics were taken a few weeks back. The results after 21 days I am pleased with, still a way to go, but for the first time it’s going in the right direction.

Sara A – I did the Pure 21 Microbiome along with my other half a month ago. We both lost 5lb and felt great. Almost immediately, we have 10 days holiday in the US. Neither of us has put the weight back on even though we were eating out all the time and drinking. I have also noticed that I am much more aware of eating only when I’m hungry and not just out of habit. I seem more in tune with my gut and digestive system than I can remember before.

Catriona A – Completed the Pure 21 Detox program over 7 days, here’s my results

  • Weight loss 4lb 6oz
  • Waist 1 inch loss
  • Tummy 1 inch loss
  • Hips 1 inch loss
  • Bust 1 inch loss (not happy about that one)
  • Energy, through the roof all day long
  • Attitude, more positive and focused, clear mind and feel calmer
  • Appetite, no hunger or cravings. After day 3 I wasn’t even missing my coffee, I had a chocolate cake on the kitchen side, normally I’d demolish it but I wasn’t even tempted.
  • Side effects, I had a mild niggly headache day 1-2 due to caffeine withdrawal I think, stomach felt slight discomfort on the evening of day 1 with gurgling. Started going to the toilet more frequently from day 3 but all ok
  • Routine, I missed the afternoon Vanilla biome shake, as I ate normal lunch and wasn’t hungry, I added fruit to the Biome DT shake.

Kerry M – Just wanted to share my Pure 21 Microbiome journey so far – sorry I did not post during the 7 days put felt really awful as if my IBS symptoms were returning very bad bloating and constipation – not impressed…. also to be honest I did not expect to see any major changes as I eat clean probably 95% of the time and have great sleep and high energy levels BUT today is day 11 and since yesterday I have felt amazing – I did not think it was possible to feel even better or have more energy than I did do! I now have a “new normal” so no matter where you are on your health journey persevere and I promise you will have fantastic results, oh and I lost 4lbs which only “disappeared” on day 10.

Lesley – I am now on week 4 having continued with the clean eating regime I started when I did the 7 day ‘detox’ . I have followed the two shakes a day plus one clean meal plan . I found it incredibly easy to follow . I ate my meal at lunchtime and then had a shake about 6.30/7 at night.. That has helped me tremendously as I had a habit of not eating too much during the day and then eating a big meal at night – sometimes quite late . I have lost half a stone (fantastic as I would like to continue with losing weight/fat) , one inch from around my tummy (yippee) and have slept really well (used to wake up say 2 or 3 am for a wee .. I have been consistently getting at least 7 hours sleep . And I now turn off the light about 10 ish (before it was nearer midnight/1 am- so huge improvement there .. finished my detox powder yesterday – missing it !!!!!

Gill B – Ok so day 7 done! Found it all easy to do, I think partly because the food is normal to me. 1kg down, bit disappointed to be fair, but I have lost 5 inches. Although I knew already, it took 3 days to see the biome DT have its effect. Yes I have very slow motility! So I am going to carry on as I think I need more than 7 days, my gut feeling tells me so.

Sara H – Before > After

  • Weight 11st 13lbs > 11st 6lbs
  • Waist 98cm > 91cm
  • Hips 105cm > 99cm

How client felt of 1-10 (1 – poor / 10 fantastic)

  • Energy 5 > 9
  • Sleep 2 > 6
  • Moods/hormones 1 > 6
  • Weight/body image 4 > 7
  • Aches & pains 7 > 9
  • Hair, skin, nails 7 > 9

Anon – I was lucky enough to take part in the December Pure 21 Purify Microbiome trial and wanted to pop in to share my experience and results with anyone who is contemplating taking this journey. I felt better after the 1st day, with no hunger or cravings, other than missing my cup of tea, but herbal cinnamon and roobios took care of that. In fact, during the second week it was impossible to drink both of the supplement shakes (we all felt the same), so I needed less food than was recommended, and will use the saved products this month when I do the course again with left over products.

With no real effort I lost just under 10lbs during the 3 weeks, I also learned a great deal about the foods I should be avoiding going forwards, and truly how easy it is to eliminate them. Who knew it would be easy to cut out sugar?  I felt so incredibly balanced emotionally, physically and mentally, despite worry that I would experience the detox symptoms. This just didn’t happen at all. This balancing likely contributed to a reduction in cravings and more control over my good choices.

Some Life changing results On day 14 I put on my reading glasses and realized they were more blurry than no glasses. So I tried again on day 15 to make sure I wasn’t going mad and sure enough, I no longer needed my (small prescription) reading glasses.  The weight loss was not simply physical; I’m lighter through mind, body and spirit.  On day 8 I carried through with a lifelong goal and booked myself on to a yoga teacher training course that I have since start.

This truly is a wonderful program with great support from the group, I can’t recommend it highly enough and I look forward to its upcoming UK release. Going forward I think I will take part in the program either twice or four times per year (with the seasons), because I have experienced the benefits and seen the light! I’m not going back now x