Pregnancy Morning Sickness

Pregnancy can be an amazing ride, but the morning sickness that often comes with it? Not so fab.

pregnant ravinder croneOne of the first signs of pregnancy is a feeling of nausea or sickness, some women actually vomit. It’s known as “morning sickness” although many women feel sick all day long, or some only in the afternoon or evening.

From a medical view, the nausea is due to rising levels of gonadotrophin, the hormone that stimulated the placenta to form. It’s considered to be a gastro-intestinal response to the hormone changes of pregnancy.  It usually starts around week  5, but it can start immediately after conception and can continue to weeks 14-16. Sadly for some women, it can last the whole pregnancy, causing severe dehydration or “hyperemesis gravidarum” as it’s known medically, leading to a stay in hospital or conventional medicine.

Morning sickness is common in over a third of pregnancies. I often see it in my clients when their liver is struggling to break down and eliminate the surge of hormones from their system, so supporting the liver is important.

Many anti-nausea medications contain anti-histamines, so if you’d like a natural alternative for your nausea, take a look at some homeopathic remedies.

Chamomile flower and homeopathic medication on blue surfaceArsenicum album – When you are vomiting everything you eat, leading to exhaustion, anxiety and restlessness. Sometimes becoming obsessive about the health of your baby. You may lose your appetite completely, and it may make you feel cold almost flu like. Take a 30c dose 3 x a day.

Cocculus indica – If the nausea starts as soon as you lift your head off your pillow this remedy can be helpful. It’s made from the cockle flower, take a 30c dose 3 times a day.  It’s useful if you’re suffering from motion sickness or if the nausea seems linked to movement.

Nux Vomica – This is the most common remedy used for morning sickness, as it supports the liver to detox. The nausea is worse in the morning, and you are sick with small amounts of food or mucus, or retching.   You may be irritable and often constipated too. Take Nux Vomica 30c.  (It’s also a great Hangover remedy, so keep some handy for the morning after the 1st night out with the girls celebrating the birth of your baby).

Sepia – If the smell of food is making you feel sick and eating doesn’t help to take away the nauseous feeling, try Sepia 30c. Often Nux Vomica and Sepia work well together as a combination.

Phosphorus – This can be a useful remedy when you suffer from morning sickness but have a desire for fizzy drinks or fizzy water. You may also crave ice cubes (this can be a sign of anaemia) or crave chocolate, and are likely to go off tea and coffee.

If you are unlucky enough to have severe symptoms, take the remedy indicated every 2 hours. But if you’re unable to keep fluids down or feel unwell, speak to your midwife, GP or consultant as soon as possible.

Homeopathic remedies are safe to take at all stages of pregnancy or labour, take care with herbal remedies unless they have specific instructions of you have seen a qualified herbalist.

You can get your Homeopathic Remedies from me Catriona at Vital Remedy, give me a call on 07942 868118.

Other things to consider

Aventurine Crystal – is useful for morning sickness, indigestion and heartburn. You can hold the crystal in your hand, pop it in your pocket or bra, or wear a piece of jewellery with the crystal.

Fresh Ginger – Pop some fresh ginger into hot water, with or without lemon, it’s great for sickness. The lemon will help to cleanse your liver. Flat ginger ale may help, or a handful of crystallised ginger sweets or a ginger biscuit.

Fennel Tea – Fennel Tea often helps

Pumpkin seeds – Eating pumpkin and other seeds to help regulate the blood sugar levels, great before bed.

Eat – Eat small amounts of food regularly, carry food with you and nibble throughout the day. When your stomach is empty your stomach acid has nothing to feast on, so it can make the nausea worse. On the other hand eating too much can also make you feel queasy.  Often a bedtime snack will stabilise your blood sugar throughout the night, making things easier in the morning. Try to avoid cold, sweet greasy foods.

Ditch Work – Maybe not as easy in reality, but if you’re having one of those days when the thought of dragging yourself out of bed for work is making the nausea worse, then take a sick day! Taking a holiday during week 7 or 8 of pregnancy (when nausea can be at its peak) can help you recoup physically and mentally.

Sniff a lemon – Maybe the smell of your colleagues’ perfume, the petrol pump, or a crowded lift may turn your stomach, often morning sickness is smell related. Oestrogen is the hormone responsible for your sense of smell, and levels are higher during pregnancy. So when you can’t get away from a smell try sniffing a fresh scent. Carry some aromatherapy oils with you, often lemon works well or ginger. And Sarah and April swear by Peppermint.

Track it – Your queasiness may come and go throughout the day, but it’s worth tracking. You might find that you’re nausea at a specific time every day.  If you can identify the trigger you can avoid smells, being in certain places or maybe eat something if that helps you.

Drink – May sound simple, but staying hydrated is key when you can’t stomach any food or keep food down. Often the more dehydrated your become the more nauseous you will feel. Some people swear by sipping on ice cold drinks, crunch on ice cubes or others find extremely hot drinks help.

Food – Find food that works for you, every Mum to be is different, generally fatty and spicy foods may upset an iffy stomach. Find that works for you and go ahead and eat.

At work – Your computer screen can make you feel more nauseous, due to the bright screen and strobe effect so maybe adjust your screen, change the background colour and brightness, make font sizes larger if it helps and take regular breaks.

Exercise – Some Mums to be find exercise relieves their nausea, listen to your body, take a break if you’re tired or feel queasier.

Tips from Sarah The Doula (Doulas MK)

Urgh, morning sickness. One of Mother Nature’s little treats. It takes over your life and forbids you to be able to function effectively. The advice comes in thick and fast, and if you’re like me, unless you had a cup of lukewarm tea to sip on, it wasn’t shifting. So on a light hearted note, here are 10 things not to say to someone with morning sickness;

  • Have you tried [insert name of fruit/tea/essential oil here]?
  • I had morning sickness, it’s awful isn’t it? I had it for the whole of my pregnancy, hopefully you won’t be as unlucky as me.
  • Oh bless you, it will be worth it in the end!
  • Oooooooh!! I bet it’s a boy/girl, boys/girls always make you sick!
  • You look tired, can you nap in the afternoon?
  • Morning sickness is a good thing, it means you have a healthy baby!
  • Isn’t it funny how morning sickness happens in the afternoon too?
  • At least you’ve got a lovely glow.
  • Little and often helps, have you tried little and often?
  • You look like you’ve lost weight, morning sickness has its upsides!
  • I must say I’m pleased it’s morning sickness, I thought you were really ill!

Tips from Helen, Clinical Aromatherapist at Balance Therapies

natural pregnancyMorning sickness can feel awful and anyone who has been unlucky enough to experience it will know that they are willing to try almost anything to prevent it. Sniffing a few drops of essential oil from a tissue may be worth trying. You can also carry a tissue in a pocket or in your handbag for when you are out and about. Alternatively sprinkle a couple of drops in the shower tray (in an area where you won’t be standing), so you can benefit from the scented steam of the shower first thing in the morning.

Some women may find relief with a sniff of Lavender. It has slightly reviving elements to it.  Do make sure it has the Latin name Lavandula Angustifolia on it. (If the essential oil you are buying doesn’t have its Latin name on it, it’s unlikely to be reputable so don’t use it). Always try to use organic or wild crafted essential oils that are fair trade.

The refreshing and cleansing smell of peppermint essential oil may be enjoyed by some women, however many text books are naturally over cautious and will say this is not recommended in pregnancy.  If you would like to use this, seek the advice of a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist.  There are some essential oils that are not recommended for use with certain medical conditions e.g. epilepsy, heart problems, high blood pressure, & certain types of cancer. We also need to consider if there are any contraindications (reasons not to use it) for your unborn baby. Ginger or spearmint may be other essential oils that could be tried. Whilst essential oils can be amazing in so many ways do remember never apply them undiluted to the skin and NEVER drink them.

There are some useful acupuncture points for morning sickness too. You could see a massage therapist like myself who has been trained in some acupressure massage, so they can show you where these are and what you can do to help yourself. There are also several acupuncturists in the area who can work on certain points. Finally be kind to yourself, try to slow down where possible, see if your employer can make any adjustments for you. Many of my pregnancy aromatherapy massage clients also tell me eating little and often helps. Try to make time for you and relax. If you’d like advice on where to buy good quality organic and wild crafted essential oils feel free to contact Helen or buy here

Thank you to Sarah The Doula at Doulas MK and Helen from Balance Therapies for their tips, and Ravinder at Ravinder Crone photography for the use of the Pregnancy photos.

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