Heal your unhealthy Gut with Pure21

A healthy gut is the key to overall vitality and health.  So how do you know if you’re gut is unhealthy and if Pure21 programme is right for you?

Signs of an unhealthy gut

Here’s just a few of the common signs showing that your gut is unhealthy.

  • frequent belching or flatulence
  • sugar cravings
  • Pain in the oesophogus or reflux symptoms
  • lower abdominal pain
  • Bloating after eating or throughout the day
  • Diarrhoea or constipation
  • Pale stools, or greasy or shiny stools
  • Undigested food in the stools
  • regular nausea or feeling sick
  • allergies towards foods
  • Lactose or fructose intolerance
  • gut infections within the past 5 years
  • unexplained muscle aches and pains
  • unexplained stiff or painful joints
  • feeling exhausted or tired even after a great sleep
  • Autoimmune diseases such as juvenile arthritis, hypothyroidism, type 1 diabetes, coeliac disease

Other complaints such as ongoing infections, digestive issues, IBS, nutritional deficiences, as well as eczema and allergies or even asthma can be traced back to a poor digestive system.  Poor gut health is also linked to holding on to weight, so healing your gut can help with the initial phase of weight loss and alleviate some of these symptoms.

Top tips for getting your Gut Healthy

  1. Remove these foods for 4 weeks.  Alcohol and caffeine as both can irritate the gut and mess up your blood sugar.  Increase your water intake and add in herbal or green teas.  Reduce Gluten, this often causing bloating and tummy pain.  The shops are now full of gluten free products or increase your vegetables.  Beans and pulses often make people bloated or full of wind, some people find these hard to digest.  Dairy products should be reduced as the lactose in dairy contains sugar, you can switch to lactose free or try fermented dairy like Kefir, or coconut or almond milk.  Cut out the sugar and artificial sweeteners as these imbalance your gut flora and can encourage yeast to flourish.  Basically get back to basics and cut out the crap.
  2. Helping the body to stimulate the digestive enzymes and stomach acid which is naturally created in the body can also help.  You can take lemon juice or apple cider vinegar in water before a meal, or put a little apple cider vinegar over your salad or vegetables.  Pineapples and Papaya also contain digestive enzymes as does watercress and rocket, so pimp up your salads.
  3. A rubbish diet, mental stress, medicines and lack of sleep can all mess up the good bacteria within the gut.  Adding in prebiotic and fermented foods to your diet can help to encourage the friendly bacteria to thrive.  Fermented foods such as kefir which is easy to make and now easily found in health food shops, yoghurts, sauerkraut and homemade pickles all help.  You can also add oats, rice and rice bran, bananas, asparagus, apples, leeks and onions, which are classed as prebiotic foods.
  4. Bone broth is a fantastic source of protein, rich in collagen which helps to calm the gut lining from inflammation.  For anyone suffering from indigestion, or children struggling with ADHD or learning difficulties, bone broths can help, or cook stews and casseroles or over cook the vegetables which are easier to digest.  Adding anti-inflammatory foods such as green tea, berries, ginger, garlkic and the spice turmeric is also useful.
  5. Make sure you unwind and try to reduce stress.  Eating slower can also help and sit down at the table for meals, don’t eat in the car or on the sofa.  Ideally try and eat before 7pm to allow your food to digest for a good 12-14 hours overnight.
  6. Fasting can help if your stomach feels full or heavy.  This is also useful for those wanting to shed a few pounds or struggling with blood sugar.  Some people suggest fasting for 24 hours once per week, and others use the 5/2 method where they take 2 days only eating 500calories throughout the week.

Add in some Nutritional Food Boosters

Alongside these tips, it’s often worth adding in some nutritional food boosters.   I highly recommend taking a Probiotic supplement such as Natures Sunshine ProB11 and for some people taking liquid Chlorophyll, Magnesium or a shot of berries such as Mistify or Zambrosa.  All of these are available at Discounted prices through me.  Just get in touch or click on the nutrition pages in the website.

21 Day Gut Rehab

If you’re really struggling and need some help, join the Pure 21 gut rehab programme which rebalances the good bacteria and helps to remove the poor bacteria.  Full details can be found on the Pure 21 pages or give me a call to find out how you can join the next  group programme.

The cost of the program is £275 plus p&p, and includes 21 days of support, eating guide and recipe book, a consultation prior to the Pure21 program and after. (price at 01/02/20 subject to change should products increase).


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I’m Cat Robinson (aka Catriona Armor) founder of Vital Remedy & The Hormone Fairy Programme, a registered Homeopath & Health Coach, Reiki and Crystal Practitioner, practicing in the Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford and Aylesbury area, and across the UK via Skype.

My passion is helping and inspiring others, in particular women, to make the changes they need to feel healthier, more grounded, excited and confident about their lives. I specialise in Hormonal health, Pregnancy, Menopause, Anxiety & Depression and Weight Management.  I also work with men struggling with Anxiety, Stress, Depression and Blood Pressure.