Sore muscles and joints with Homeopathy

Relieving sore muscles and joints the natural way.

 Arnica – this is an anti-inflammatory, and in a cream format can be rubbed on the affected aea. It can help reduce bruising, swelling and muscular aches. Arnica is also available in a homeopathic pill form, available in health food shops or from your homeopath.

Other homeopathic remedies to consider for joint and muscle pain are :

 Rhus Tox, this is great if you’re feeling stiff, or you could try ruta grava which is good for bruising too.

It’s always best to consult your homeopath who can suggest the right remedy or prescribe a combination remedy for you depending on your injury.

 A great herbal rememdy is Devils Claw, for muscle and joint pain and backache.

With both a strain and a sprain use the RICE approach, Rest, Ice, compression and elevantion, for a quicker recovery.