Stress, anxiety & depression

Women Stress, Anxiety, DepressionStressed out with juggling your life?

Exhausted, overwhelmed or unmotivated?

Anxiety keeping you awake at night?

In an unhappy relationship?

Propping yourself up with caffeine and sugar?

Looking for a natural way out?

It seems that life today can be a recipe for stress, anxiety and depression.   From a child’s first day at school, to teenage exams, the upheaval of moving house, redundancy, empty nest syndrome, a relationship breakdown or loss of a loved one.  It can just be the little changes in life that leave us stressed, anxious and unmotivated, and often if left untreated leading to chronic depression.

Sometimes everything just seems to come at us at once…..  Leaving us frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted and wondering where we go next.

Maybe from the outside you seem to have the perfect life, the nice house with 2.4 children, a husband and a decent job but you still feel low!  Maybe you’re going through some financial hardship but too proud to share.  At any age we can end up feeling alone or actually being lonely.  If you don’t have a partner, you may feel cut off from the world with no one to share your problems with at the end of a trying day.  Nowadays less people have their families living close by for support.  All of this can add to the stress of day to day life.

As a business woman and a single mum, I know full well the pressures of juggling work, a social life, a home, the children and the dog!  I’ve been through a period of sadness, stayed in a job I hated, supported loved ones with health issues, lost loved ones, separated from my husband and had my heartbroken….. It can be lonely.  Sometimes life can just seem so damn tough!

My personal life experiences enable me to relate very easily to clients who may have suffered emotional trauma or be suffering from grief, depression, stress or an addiction.  I can empathise with how you may be feeling.

According to research . . . .

  • 61% women aged 31-40 years constantly or quite often stressed, anxious or depressed.
  • Only 34% of women sought help from their GP
  • 66% trying to cope on their own
  • At least 1 in 11 British adults now take antidepressants according to research (Daily Mail July 2015)

So what if you don’t want to take medication?  How can I help you?

Sadly I don’t have a magic wand or a magic pill to make the frustrations and challenges of life disappear in a puff of smoke!  But If I could show you a way to help you find the strength and vitality to make the necessary changes in your life would you do it?

Anxiety Medication and sleeping pills from your Doctor may help you short term, often with some pretty unwelcome side effects, but they only mask your problems!  Homeopathy and Flower Essences can help with your physical and emotional symptoms, getting to the underlying cause of your problems and giving you the strength and courage to make the necessary changes to a happier you.

Whatever obstacle or challenge you’re experiencing right now, health wise or emotionally, I can assure you it will pass!  If you’d like it to pass sooner rather than later, then let’s work together.  You don’t need to be sick or to struggle to be well anymore.

“I want you to be healthy and happy and doing what you love. . .”

stress anxiety depression vital remedy Ravinder Crone Photographer

New clients suffering with stress, anxiety or depression are booked in initially for 3 appointments.  You may feel better after the initial remedies, but I want you to stay that way!  The first appointment will last an hour and follow up appointments typically last 30-45 minutes, unless you specifically ask for 1 hour where an additional charge will be made.  Most consultations are 4-6 weeks apart, but they can be more frequent if you wish.

For chronic anxiety and depression I recommend booking 6 appointments which can be taken throughout a 12 month period, the first 3 appointments will be monthly and then follow up appointments less often, for example every three months.

3 Month Plan for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

  • 3 Consultations (in person or Skype, taken over 3-6 months)
  • Free homeopathic remedies
  • Free ongoing homeopathic support and health advice via telephone and email
  • EBook with natural health tips
  • 3 Month Plan Package Price £150

12 Month Plan for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

  • 6 Consultations (in person or Skype, taken over 12 month period)
  • Free homeopathic remedies
  • Free ongoing homeopathic support and health advice via telephone and email
  • EBook with natural health tips
  • 12 Month Plan Package Price £299

Don’t let the cost put you off, in special circumstances clients can pay for appointments at the individual fee.

Do you have children?

Children and Teenagers often suffer too with anxiety and stress, one off appointments are available for children struggling with . . . .

  • Back to School fears
  • Exam Nerves
  • Sleep anxiety

If you’ve been struggling with your health and wellbeing and feel that now is the perfect time for you to make some changes then I would love to help you!

“I don’t just want you to feel better; I want you to stay that way”.

Let me show you the secret method for inviting health and healing into your life!  To find how to work with me then please fill in the form on the contact page, or if you can’t wait, call or send me a text now 07942 868118.