Children’s Nutrition


Getting your children the correct nutritional support can be a difficult task if they’re fussy eaters, won’t eat vegetables or certain types of meat and fish, or they simply don’t like the taste of the supplements they’re given. Growing children, especially those who don’t eat a varied diet, sometimes don’t get enough vitamins A and C. It’s also difficult to get enough vitamin D through food alone. This is why you need to supplement with Children’s nutrition.

It’s important for children to eat healthily to make sure they are getting all the energy and nutrients they need to grow and develop properly. This is why I recommend supplements to my clients and have partnered with Healthy Rascals to help supplement your children’s daily diet to support healthy growth.

Healthy Rascals is a unique range of daily nutrition supplements designed specifically for children aged 3 years and above.

The range includes a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals to supplement children’s daily diets as well as nutrients to naturally support strong bones and teeth, energy and vitality, normal cognitive function and vision, and immune function.

All products in the Healthy Rascals range are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities which work to good manufacturing practice and pharmaceutical level quality control to bring you safe, effective formulas.  Products include :

  • Probiotics Blend Acti Biotic
  • Immune Plus support
  • Omega 3
  • Super Bears Multi Vitamins

Don’t your Healthy Rascals deserve the best?

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