Synergy Sponsored IAM Cycling Competes in 2016 Tour de France

As a Homeopath & Health Coach I only recommend the best nutritional supplements and nutritional food boosters, so it’s great to hear they’re being  used by cyclists IAM cycling Team on the Tour de France.

The world’s most famous cycling race is in the middle of its final week, and Synergy Sponsored cycling group IAM Cycling is in the thick of competition.

Competing in the oldest and most prestigious cycling competition in the world, IAM Cycling is putting a world class effort into each grueling stage. Most recently, IAM Cycling’s Jarlinson Pantano won 1st place in Stage 15, while Jérôme Coppel took 4th place in Stage 13, and Stef Clement took 4th place in Stage 12. These Synergy sponsored riders are definitely making a name for themselves in the competition! Click here to stay updated on each stage and check the current ranking of all the competitors and teams.

This is IAM Cycling’s third time competing in the Tour de France. Over the course of three weeks, athletes endure a constant battle of mental and physical fatigue, changing weather and elements, drastic changes in elevation, as well as the logistical issues of crowding spectators and coordinating caravans and team cars.

Each stage of the race comes with its own set of challenges. In stage 9, IAM Cycling’s Leigh Howard found himself in a position that no one wants to be in—nearly left behind. After stopping to replace both wheels and eventually changing bikes, Howard was in danger of being left in no man’s land and was forced to chase down the group on the descent. To do this, Howard pushed himself to the limit and topped out his speedometer at 122.7 kilometers per hour (75 miles per hour).

The Tour de France is a world class example of peak athletic competition. We are honored to know that IAM Cycling athletes are relying on Synergy products to push them through their difficult journey and hope everyone shows them their support as they push through to the last race day on July 24.

If you’d like to know more about the products they are using to fuel their bodies contact me or visit the products page above.

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