Time is a healer…after all

Dad at ballI can’t believe that it’s been 5 years since my Dad passed away.

It was a difficult time, Christmas had pretty much been a washout.  Every day was spent with my Dad in Milton Keynes Hospital, made worse by his brother going into MK hospital on Boxing Day and passing away suddenly just after New Year, just before my Dad gave up his fight too. 

So I was left grieving my Uncle and my Dad at the same time.  I remember thinking  “what was I going to do without both of them?   How was I going to cope?  Who was going to keep my car in check, fix things when they were broken, give me a hug when I was feeling down?”.  I was left completely heartbroken. 

Kind well wishers who had lost their parents and been through their own grief gave that great piece of advice “It will get easier with time”.  That wasn’t something I wanted to hear, I just wanted my Dad back! 

Thank goodness I had discovered Homeopathy 11 years earlier.  One minute I was crying bucket loads and the next I was angry and irritable, that’s where the remedy Pulsatilla came in handy to calm me down.  Pulsatilla and Bach Rescue Remedy became my new best friends.  For those of you who haven’t come across Bach Rescue Remedy, it’s well worth carrying a small bottle in your handbag or briefcase, great  to use for any kind of shock, sudden bad news or bereavement, or just to give you a bit of confidence when you need it. 

My Dad was 64 when he passed away, I was 32, my 8 year old kindly pointed out I was half way through my life.  Great, thanks for that Tom!  I plan to make it well past 64 but that was a reality check for me.  Where was my life going.  I had a successful business which ran itself but felt I needed a new challenge!  And that’s where my journey with Homeopathy really began.  I enrolled at College and trained to be a homeopath, so that I could share how homeopathy had helped me and my family  with others, so Vital Remedy was created. 

Looking back, so much has changed for me personally over the last 5 years, and those well wishers were right, “time is a healer”.

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