Tips for weight loss

I’m frequently asked by my peri-menopausal female clients about weight loss, there’s no quick fix, it comes down to changes in your lifestyle, healthy eating, regular exercise and better habits!  Whether your journeys about weight loss or making healthier lifestyle choices moving forward here’s some top tips!

  1. Journal Keep a food journal either via an app on your smartphone, paper or on your computer.  Tracking exactly what you eat makes you accountable, and various studies have concluded that people who keep a food journal are more successful at losing weight that those who don’t.  You could track your exercise too, there’s a few apps for tracking your fitness, or you may want to add a wearable technology band which measures your steps, I recommend the Helo
  2. What are you thinking?  Your thoughts and attentions are powerful!  Are you a glass half empty type of person, do you let your thoughts hold you back.  Try and keep your thoughts positive.  Make lists of positive affirmations, or find pictures of positive quotes or memes on Facebook and Instragram.  Add your moods to your Food journal, do you find that when you’re fed up or tired you reach for the biscuits, wine or sweets.  Tracking your mood and becoming more concious of what triggers you to eat can help.
  3. Don’t drink your calories.  Quit the fruit juices and Fizzy drinks, sounds simple but they’re often full of hidden sugars, increase your water instead, or drink herbal teas (green tea is useful for weight loss) or drink black coffee.  With winter coming stay away from the coffee and hot chocolates laden with whipped cream, sugary syrups.
  4. Cut out the crap.  Go back to eating foods that are closest to their natural state, whole fresh foods, include rainbow coloured veg to your plate.  Reduce the amount of packaged food that you eat, the fewer ingredients the healthier it may be.  Keep fresh fruit, seeds or nuts at hand so that if you need to snack there’s a healthy option to hand.  When you go food shopping, shop around the outside of the grocery store, the vegetables and meat tend to be the first aisle or around the outside, whereas the middle rows tend to be your package food.  Aim to eat clean, vegetables, salads, whole grains, nuts, seeds, lean meat and fish.  Clean eating means minimizing preservatives, salts, artificial ingredients and chemically altered fats from the diet.
  5. Add protein to your smoothies, I like SLMsmart, a combination of 3 proteins added with organic porridge and fruit for my breakfast.  Or make a green smoothie with protein powder, banana, pineapple, almond or coconut milk, kale and spinach.
  6. Eat your greens Kale, spinach, broccoli, swiss chard and more are full of fibre, vitamins and minerals to help protect your body against disease.  Throw the greens into your smoothie, if you add it to pineapple  you’ll hardly taste it.
  7. Slow down  Look at your new healthy eating regime as a lifestyle change, take it slowly, remove the crap from your cupboards, eat slower, reduce your portion sizes if that helps.  Don’t expect huge results or massive changes to happen overnight.
  8. 80/20 rule Eat healthy 80% of the time, and allow yourself to indulge occassionally but aim to make healthier choices.
  9. Party Time  Cut out the cocktails, a small glass of wine is typically about 125 calories, a margarita can be 800!  Red wine contains antioxidents, making it good for your heart but keep it to a small glass to reduce the calories. If you’re heading to a party, eat before you go, when you’re hungry you can overeat, so aim to eat before and take a small plate at a party for your favourite appetizers and then stop.
  10. Don’t diet  Don’t do the fads and gimmicks, weight loss is not a quick fix, it takes time and hard work. If a diet sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!  Many of my clients who try 9 day diet fads, juice diets, fasting etc. end up piling back on the weight and more.
  11. Hot water and Lemon  Our bodies are made up of 70% water, so it’s important to keep hydrated.  Drinking hot water and lemon first thing in the morning can be helpful, you can  also add organic honey and cinnamon!
  12. Step away from the scales  Don’t weigh yourself daily, water weight and hormones means your weight can fluctuate daily!  And if you are exercising you may be adding muscle but losing inches. Weigh yourself at the beginning and end of a healthy eating regime, or go by measurements, or a snug fitting pair of trousers.
  13. Monitor your hormones  Keep track of your menstrual cycle, notice when you are feeling down or when you are craving chocolate.  I use period tracker add, where I can use emojis to monitor my cycle, that way I can be more mindful about my eating.
  14. Take pictures – Take a before and after photo of yourself, keep track of how you look, your measurements and compare it to your journal.
  15. Exercise – I’m not a fitness expert, so I’d recommend speaking to someone qualified or joining a gym or exercise class.  But keeping moving helps to burn excess calories and tone up the body.  Adding weights to a work out can speed up the metabolism and help with bone health!
  16. Enrol a friend  Find a friend who has similar goals and keep each other accountable, share tips, recipes, motivate each other, go for a walk or exercise together.
  17. Meditate It’s easy to do, there are plenty of meditations on youtube and apps.  Meditating reduces stress, improves your health, gets you centred and breathing properly.
  18. Goal setting  Set yourself some new goals, not just weight or dress size, but some personal goals.  How do you want to feel this time next year.  What will you look like.  Keep the end in mind and work backwards.  If you’ve got an ideal weight in mind, then think of it as 2lbs at a time, thinking of it in weight loss increments helps.
  19. Get standing  We spend too much time sitting down, whenever you can stand up.  Standing work stations are great if you are office bases, or stand up when you are on the phone whereever possible,  walk around the office, movement helps to burn calories.
  20. Sleep  Getting enough sleep and also the quality of your sleep can effect your hormone levels and your appetite.
  21. Celebrate Treat yourself when you reach one of your goals, not with cake though, maybe a manicure, massage, new clothes or something for you!
  22. Set your own rules.  Everyone has a different way of losing weight, find out what works best for you and stick with it.
  23. Be grateful, it’s the key to happiness, you can’t be unhappy if you are thinking of amazing things that you have in your life.  Grab a notebook and write down 5 things that you are grateful for before you go to bed.

Share your top tips with me!

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I’m Cat Robinson (aka Catriona Armor) founder of Vital Remedy & The Hormone Fairy Programme, a registered Homeopath & Health Coach, Reiki and Crystal Practitioner, practicing in the Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford and Aylesbury area, and across the UK via Skype.

My passion is helping and inspiring others, in particular women, to make the changes they need to feel healthier, more grounded, excited and confident about their lives. I specialise in Hormonal health, Pregnancy, Menopause, Anxiety & Depression and Weight Management.  I also work with men struggling with Anxiety, Stress, Depression and Blood Pressure.