Trick or Treat Homeopathy to help this Halloween

tompumpkinWhen my children were little, we always spent Halloween in Orlando, so we absolutely love Halloween in our family!

For most, it’s a time of fun for the children to get dressed up and go door to door playing Trick or Treat to get sweets.   For others it’s known as a time for witches, ghouls, goblins and ghosts.

So if you are celebrating and heading out “Trick or Treating” in the cold or the rain with your children, now’s a good time to take a quick look at some homeopathic remedies that may help if someone in your family gets carried away and eats too many sweets.

All of these remedies are in the Family Homeopathy kit, please contact me if you’d like to add one to your first aid cupboard and need advice on how to take the remedies.

halloweensweetsSulphur – Your child may have some pains in the abdomen, generally a little worse on the left side and  sometimes extending into the stomach, chest and back.  They can have difficulty breathing alongside, nausea and anxiety. Generally worse at night time and can feel better for bending forwards.

Arg nit – They have strong craving for sugar, but it disagrees with them leading to anxiety and some diarrhoea.

Ignatia – The sugar causes bloating of the abdomen. They can suffer with colicky, griping pains in one or both sides of abdomen. They can have flatulent colic, especially at night time. It may Feel as if the intestines are going to burst. The flatulence may also press on the bladder.

Belladonna – Is a good remedy for nausea after sweets, they may have a red face and pupils might be dilated.

Lycopodium – This is when there is extreme flatulence after sweets, they feel very uncomfortable, especially if clothing is too tight.

Merc viv – The children desires sweets but feels worse almost immediately after eating them. They have more saliva than usual, sometimes with nausea and metallic taste in the mouth.

And some preventative measures . . . .

Some people don’t agree with celebrating Halloween, or see “Trick or Treating” with children as begging for sweets.  If you’re against celebrating but a parent or relative who feels pressured into taking your children out and are unable to say “NO”, the remedy “Carcinosin” may be for you.halloweensayno

Only knock on doors with a Jack o’lantern (pumpkin) or decorations.

Offer to buy back some of the sweets or ration them out of the coming weeks.

Only eat sweets which come in sealed wrappers.

Encourage your children to drink more water to reduce the sugar spikes.

Wishing you all a Happy Halloween.

If you’d like to make up a combination of remedies for your first aid kit give me a call on 07942 868118 or complete your details on the contact form.

Catriona x

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