What is Homeopathy?

homeopathy for babiesHomeopathy was developed over 200 years ago by the German Doctor and chemist Samuel Hahnemann, and it’s one of two most widely used forms of medicine used in the world today.

It’s a gentle non-invasive, holistic and comprehensive system of medicine that strengthens your health and vitality, treating mental, emotional and physical illness.

Your body has its own healing mechanisms.  Homeopathic remedies work by stimulating your body energetically, so that you can heal and achieve a better level of health.  The principle of homeopathic treatment is based on the philosophy that the body, mind and emotions are connected, they affect each other.  Homeopathy treats the whole person, not just the disease, bringing you back into harmony and balance.

It’s safe, gentle, non-addictive and won’t interfere with other medical treatments.  It’s suitable for everyone, both men and women, can be used during pregnancy and is particularly suited for babies and children.

Homeopathic Medicine

Following your consultation you’ll be prescribe a remedy, or sometimes a few different remedies to take.  These are usually in tablet, pillule or liquid form.

Homeopathic medicines or remedies are prepared by specialist homeopathic pharmacies using a careful process of dilution and succussion (a specific form of vigorous shaking).

The remedies are made from plant, chemical, mineral or animal sources. The original material is diluted, then shaken vigorously (succussed). The number of times this is repeated determines the strength or ‘potency’ of the remedy, for example, a ’6c’ remedy will have been diluted 1 part in 100 then succussed, six times.

Conventional medicine relies on your physical symptoms without addressing the underlying imbalance in your body.  Then uses drugs to stop or suppress your symptoms, often leading to further side effects.  Whereas, homeopathic remedies work on the whole picture of your symptoms and aims to get to the root cause of these, bringing you back into balance.