Would you spot if someone was having a heart attack?

Thankfully I’m still close to my Ex Husband (well after 7 ½ years of being separated we’ve never bothered to get divorced so I suppose he’s still my husband) we still run our businesses together and meet up for coffee or go to the pub!  So when he’s unwell he calls me, and 10 days ago I was glad he did as he was having a heart attack!

He’s fit, healthy, runs, plays squash regularly and eats relatively clean. Recently he’d been complaining of regular mild indigestion following a one off sickness bout, and had to stop when running and playing squash, plus a little discomfort occassionally in his chest.  Immediately alarm bells started to ring for me and I told him to get it checked out by his GP.  (My Dad had a triple Heart Bypass at 42 years old, plus a few minor artery ops and my brothers had 3 heart attacks so anyone suddenly wanting Gaviscon makes me think of heart issues)

He finally got a GP appointment, his Blood Pressure was dangerously high but the GP said “we’ll start to think of putting you on BP medication”.  As for the the indigestion and chest pains “could be anything”. No ECG.  No looking at his family history. No “Blood pressure is the Silent Killer” concern.

The following morning my ex called me with Chest pains, they went off during the call, he’d called NHS Direct who said to go to his GP and the receptionist at the GP Surgery said she had no appointments until 4.30pm that day. Really helpful! Both NHS Direct and the GP Surgery failed to act on the “chest pains”.

Maybe it’s fortunate that my brother had his first heart attack at the gym, a healthy lean 38 year old, who went on to have 2 subsequent heart attacks, and I’d spent weeks on cardiology wards since the age of 12 with my Dad speaking with other patients that I’d learnt the unusual signs.

Heart attack symptoms vary from one person to another. You see on the movies people clutching their chest before dropping to the floor, in reality that doesn’t happen often. My ex’s symptoms were mild chest pain that would come and go, and a little indigestion.  I ignored the GP and NHS, drove to Milton Keynes, picked him up and took him straight to A&E.  It was freezing cold, so cold I had my heated seat on, yet he had the window open, was a little clammy with chest pains rating 5/10 on the pain scale.  Classic signs of the start of a heart attack!

Within 10 minutes of arrival he had fainted in the chair, I helped the Triage nurse lift him to the floor where he had a cardiac arrest and stopped breathing.

Shock and fear took over me. I’m eternally grateful to the stranger in the waiting room who put his book down, walked towards me and let me sob all over his jacket.  Sugary tea made by nurses has never tasted so comforting.  Waiting for my Mum and our children to arrive felt like Hours!

25 minutes of CPR, 7 Shocks and his heart was beating again. 3 hours later plus another shock – stabilised, sedated, a machine breathing for him, he was on his way in an ambulance with a doctor and anaesthetist to Oxford.

Today we went back to A&E to thank the staff who saved his life….. All of them said “he was a Miracle”

Less Common signs of a Heart Attack

  • Abdominal pain
  • Aching upper body
  • Unexplained anxiety
  • Unusual fatigue
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Shortness of breath
  • Cold sweats or clammy skin
  • Nausea, vomiting or light headedness

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Love Cat x

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For more info on the Heart and symptoms visit British Heart Foundation www.bhf.org.uk


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